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Episode 14: "Thunder Storms and Sacrifice" Filmed: August 2-4, 2005
Airdate: Sunday, December 11, 2005
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soy un perdedorVidcaps:
Ep14 30-sec TV ad vidcaps

Aired 12/8/05
time to snuff survivor's torchVidcaps:
Post-Ep13 TV preview vidcaps

Aired 12/8/05
Episode description
Video: Watch the CBS web promo. (Real media; uploaded 12/9/05)
CBS: "- A surprise from a local family quickly shakes up the Final Four in a traditional Maya ceremony. Later, a surprise thunderstorm sets the Survivors wondering if a decision they made upset the Maya gods.
- Two Survivors question their alliance and agree on who should be eliminated. Will this decision work to their advantage?
- With only three days left, the Final Four face off in an intense battle to make it to the end. Who will outwit, outlast and outplay to be become the Sole Survivor?"
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Post-Ep13 preview of Ep14 Aired December 8, 2005
tikal storm clouds storm clouds f4 ic start f4 ic start lydia - f4 ic
Probst: "Next time on... Survivor. With only three days left..."
Lydia (confessional): "I'm not gonna give up."
lydia - f4 ic torches rafe - f4 ic rafe - f4 ic steph danni
Probst: "... everything is on the line."
Rafe (confessional): "I have a chance to win a million dollars."
Stephenie (confessional): "I'm gonna give 'em hell!"
Danni (confessional): "I'm so nervous."
storm clouds again probst - f4 tc rafe wins f4 ic steph - tc lydia - tc danni - tc
Probst (at TC): "Fifteenth person voted out of Survivor: Guatemala."
Probst: "Join us for the two-hour finale, and find out who will be..."
rafe - tc time to snuff survivor's torch
Probst: "The sole Survivor."

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