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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 8: "So You Think You Can Meke?" Filmed: November 18-19, 2006
Airdate: April 5, 2007
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Survivor: Fiji episode 8 detailed Immunity Challenge spoilers/ speculation

   Time to drag out the age-old Survivor targets for more feeble attempts at archery and spear-throwing. Something of a step down from fire balls, but whatever.

Pre-challenge hijinks: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
edgardo aims arrow time  

   As shown in the web promo, and in the press photos posted at MeSS by anywho,
this challenge is called "Warrior's Choice" (we suppose that's a marginally more interesting title than "Weapons", as it was called in Amazon), and offers the option of bow-and-arrow or "spears" (which look like slightly longer arrows). Hard to gain any insight as to who's ahead from the vidcaps, but then again, that's not really necessary.

In-challenge pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
arrow time brains yau-man's choice
probst is amused pick a table "spear" time
yau-man tosses yau-man's shot  

 Who wins? Well, since as previously spoiled by SurvivorPhoenix, the boot is Lisi, that would mean Moto wins immunity, yet again.
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