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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 7: "An Evil Thought" Filmed: November 15-17, 2006
Airdate: March 29, 2007
Episode 7: Summary | RC | Exile | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Fiji episode 7 detailed Immunity Challenge spoilers/ speculation

   As made clear by VolcanicGlass at MeSS (and supported by some marginally attentive vidcapping loser, who pointed out the idol behind Earl), this is the immunity challenge.
Pre(?)-challenge shots: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
skull pinata skull pinata, mid-break my brain hurts

  The pre-challenge demonstration above (and the in-challenge shots below) shows the gist of the challenge: blindfolded contestants must be guided to the throwing area, where they toss a stick at a skull-shaped pinata (a fun-filled idea for your three-year-old's next birthday party!). Once the candy, er, sand, spills out, there's an exciting Survivor puzzle on the table below it (see shot of Ravu's table/skull), which the entire tribe (sans blindfolds) gets to race over and solve.
In-challenge shots: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
yau-man wanders (cassandra guiding) yau-man wanders (cassandra guiding) edgardo stumbles, puzzle table visible
michelle calls michelle falls yau-man wanders
whack-a-skull ravu races to the puzzle table ravu races to the puzzle table

   Who wins? Well, Ravu is shown racing to the puzzle table, and Probst is still standing next to them, so they must have the lead at that stage. And since SurvivorPhoenix has already told us the next two bootees are James and Lisi, that means the new Ravu must suck at puzzles almost as much as the old Ravu. Moto wins again!

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