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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 7: "An Evil Thought" Filmed: November 15-17, 2006
Airdate: March 29, 2007
Episode 7: Summary | RC | Exile | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Fiji episode 7 detailed Exile spoilers/ speculation
when the exile's away?   Someone is getting exiled, but don't worry, you won't have to roll your eyes through more footage of forlorn castaways filling their time by fruitlessly digging up the island. Now they'll just sit around doing nothing, apart from reading clues about where they could be looking if they weren't exiled. How's that for progress?

   Still, Probst swears that the hidden idols actually get played this season, so maybe those clues do actually turn out to be useful for something.

   Who is the lucky person who gets to read the clues this episode? We had thought it might be Yau-Man, based on what we thought was an IC-related picture of him joining Moto. But after seeing the nature of the solo nature of the IC, that seems less likely. Especially since it's actually the RC.
   So perhaps it's actually one of the other two guys, since Yau-Man is left alone in camp to dig for the idol by the departure of the three women. If this happens while either Boo or Earl is exiled, only one of them would need to also be absent (and if Earl is still around, he could even help, although Yau-Man seems to be digging alone). So perhaps Boo or Earl is a better guess.
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