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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 6: "I've Strength Now to Carry the Flag" Filmed: November 13-14, 2006
Airdate: Wed., March 21, 2007
Episode 6: Summary | RC | Exile | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Fiji episode 6 detailed Tribal Switch spoilers/ speculation

   This was spoiled a while ago, but we'll play along with the "mystery" of the previews, which show Probst telling the contestants to drop their buffs, switching up (James/Jimmy/"Rocky" and Andria/Dre/"Dreamz" on the same tribe? Who can keep track of who's using which name?) and drawing buffs out of a sack to assign camp fate.
Pre-tribal switch shots: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
no rocky, i said buffs. drop your BUFFS so i should put my shorts back on, then? sweet, in a few minutes i'll be free of him

According to SurvivorPhoenix, this is where the long-awaited (by Ravu) or -dreaded (by Moto) tribal switch takes place, most likely obviating the need for a Reward Challenge (handy, that). To start off with, we'll just copy & paste what SP had to say about it:

The Tribal Switch
   As we noted previously, a tribal switch takes place in Episode 6. Two Erstwhile non-tribe members start the alternating tribe pick'em. Once the players are split up, the remaining player will be sent to Exile Island, while players draw lots to determine which camp each tribe will get. We don't want to spoil all the fun, but savvy sleuths should be able to figure out most of the switch from the following clues. We were told that the tribe pickers will end up switching tribes. All the women, except for the exiled Lisi, end up on the same tribe. In total, one woman and five men switch tribes.

   Lisi will join the losing tribe Ravu, after it votes off Anthony at the next Tribal Council. For those keeping track, since Gary quit, Anthony is indeed the first man to be voted out of Survivor Fiji.

   From that, we'd guess the E is bolded because the two pickers are Earl and Edgardo (not sure why they'd be selected, but we guess it doesn't really matter).
So who goes where?
- From the clues of the post-switch boots, Anthony stays in Ravu, and the first two boots in the jury phase are also from Ravu (and to our eyes, they appear to be Lisi and Rocky). So that's three for Ravu.
- Since Lisi is on Ravu, all the other women (Cassandra, Stacy, Michelle) must all be on Moto.
- Also, Earl and Edgardo (the pickers) switch tribes... which means micknrc's alleged hidden alliance of Michelle and Earl stays intact through the switch.

New Moto: Cassandra, Stacy, Michelle, Earl, ?, ?
New Ravu: (Lisi - currently exiled), Anthony, Rocky, Edgardo, ?, ?, ?

Update: SurvivorPhoenix has the full tribes here, and the actual picking order here. It appears the contestants chain-pick (as in Palau and Panama-Exile Island), but are forced to select only from the other tribe. Lisi ends up unpicked, and thus exiled. Phoenix's new tribes, in order of picking:

New Moto: Earl - Boo - Michelle - Cassandra - Yau-Man - Stacy
New Ravu: Edgardo - Mookie - Alex - James - Dre - Anthony

   From the preview, the first five members of new Ravu (and their order) are visible, confirming SurvivorPhoenix's info.
Mid- and post-tribal switch shots: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
moto rising - boo joins earl hey dreamz, i need a man edgardo, mookie, james, dre on the new ravu
alex also on ravu (left) somebody, anybody please: pick me earl and boo (blue sleeve) on the new moto
stacy and yau-man: now with 50% less shoving! the cheese stands alone  
michelle awaits the verdict of alex running from the law my eyes! my eyes! edgardo picks orange?
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