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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 13: "I Want to See If I Can Make A Deal" Filmed: December 2-4, 2006
Airdate: May 10, 2007
Episode 13: Summary | RC | Exile | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Fiji episode 13 detailed Reward Challenge spoilers/ speculation

   So it's down to this: the "controversial decision" (or at least the first half of it) that Survivor has been hyping since the last season's finale. Luckily, SurvivorPhoenix spoiled this almost three months ago:
From what were told, what seasoned spoiling sleuths across the boards have deduced is accurate: the controversial decision does indeed center around the infamous car curse. As Probst stated during his pre-season Press Conference, "the car challenge plays an instrumental role in this season, a huge role." The surprising winner of this challenge will once again have a big impact: deals are struck, keys exchange hands, and the car curse lives on in dramatic fashion. As for the lucky recipient, a close reading of Probst's Press Conference should prove fruitful.

   Since that initial spoiling, SurvivorPhoenix's subsequent hints (here, and here - "Car curse lives on" next to Yau-Man's info) have made clear the "surprising winner" is Yau-Man. Also, the recipient of Yau-Man;'s "Deal" is clearly Dre, as SurvivorPhoenix has also made clear here: "Controversial decision: Dre at center of deal made and broken with Yau-Man for the spoils of the car challenge" (next to Dre's info).
   So to sum up: Yau-Man wins the challenge, then says "I want to see if I can make a deal," which he does, trading away the Ford (F-Series Super-Duty truck?) to Dre.
   Very late update: It seems Survivor Skills has been receiving similar tips to Survivor Phoenix's ones, as well. So more evidence for this story being accurate.

Pre-challenge pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
RC overhead shot pre-RC lineup interesting

   As for the challenge itself, it was initially fairly confusing, but actually the caps of the "deal" portion of the challenge help clear part of it up. Stacy is dressed as she is in the obstacle course when the subtitled "I want to see if I can make a deal" Yau-Man quote appears onscreen. And so, for that matter, is Jeff Probst. So the obstacle course challenge is the RC. As was pointed out to us (thanks, VG), the overhead shot of the obstacle course also shows the axe-challenge portion (closest to the water). So that's both parts of the challenge.

Reward challenge pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
Team ex-Ravu: Yau-Man, plus Boo and Stacy one of these two will not survive the episode! team final three: Cassandra, Dre, Earl
Stacy et al. dreamteam demo: one rope cut, or two? dreamteam demo: the axe misses

   That challenge appears to initially be in two teams of three: The teams are: Team Ravu Curse (Yau-Man, Stacy and Boo) versus Team Final Three (Cassandra, Dre and Earl). Except, surprisingly, since Yau-Man can give the truck away, Team Ravu Curse must win the team portion of the challenge (the obstacle course).     Then comes the second stage, which would be the axe throwing. Three lanes are visible (green, orange and purple). This should be run between Yau-Man, Stacy and Boo to determine who wins the individual portion of the challenge. Which would be Yau-Man, of course.
Post-challenge shots: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
Yau-Man screws up this can't possibly hurt me! a truck? and all i have to do is pretend not to vote for you?
yau-man? you don't want this truck? well, it gets like 6 mpg, gas is $3 a gallon, and i have to pay taxes on it sounds good to me!

   Who wins? Yau-Man and/or Dre, read above. Although in another, more accurate sense, nobody wins, since there's that silly "car curse" (which should probably be renamed the "SUV Superstition") and all. Except maybe Ford, who get what they paid for: footage of people gushing about their fossil fuel-guzzling behemoth.
   Update: SurvivorPhoenix has (re-)confirmed that Yau-Man wins and that he then exiles himself.
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