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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 13: "I Want to See If I Can Make A Deal" Filmed: December 2-4, 2006
Airdate: May 10, 2007
Episode 13: Summary | RC | Exile | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Fiji episode 13 detailed Boot spoilers/ speculation
Boot = Stacy    So... thus far we have: Someone will win the immunity challenge, and tribal council will be in a fake Fijian village, instead of last season's fake ship. Once there, someone will be booted. How's that for spoiling?

Process of elimination time here:
- SurvivorPhoenix's cast page lists the final four: Dre, Cassandra, Earl as F3, and Yau-Man as the unlucky F4 boot. That means the two remaining boots are Stacy and Boo.
- Our perhaps flimsy logical argument for the IC winner (also based on a SurvivorPhoenix spoiler) posits that Boo won the IC. If so, he's not the boot. Update: SurvivorPhoenix says Boo is indeed immune.

   That leaves Stacy as the boot.

   The only remaining question here would be: Does Yau-Man finally have to play his hidden immunity idol? SurvivorPhoenix says yes, he does.
    So rather than pile up spec about that eventuality, perhaps we should consider how this "changes the game" (in Probst's words, which on the surface sound an awful lot like hype). After all, Stacy doesn't really have anyone who wants to keep her around (except, ironically, Yau-Man). So how does her boot change anything?
    Our guess is that, since neither Cassandra nor Earl seems particularly interested in Yau-Man's pleas for everyone to vote for Dre, some sort of split vote is set up, forcing Yau-Man's idol hand: say that Dre, Boo and Stacy all vote Yau-Man. Yau-Man tries to get Earl and Cassandra (and anyone else who'll listen) to vote for Dre, but Earl and Cassandra vote Stacy, instead, and Yau-Man is the sole vote for Dre. That would produce a 3-2-1 vote, with Yau-Man the top vote getter, and Stacy the bootee after idol gets played. Yau-Man's goat gets taken out, and Yau-Man is idol-free, meaning either he or Boo can get booted at the next tribal council. Well, that's how we'd do it, anyway. How it actually happened will be made apparent soon enough.

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