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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 12: "A Smile, Velvet Gloves, and a Dagger in My Pocket" Filmed: Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2006
Airdate: May 3, 2007
Episode 12: Summary | RC | Exile | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Fiji episode 12 detailed Immunity Challenge spoilers/ speculation

   This one's a combo challenge, involving digging (apparently for puzzle pieces) swimming and climbing (also apparently for puzzle pieces, we'd guess), and... you guessed it: puzzles. From the web promo (thanks again, Anywho), we see the march in, minus Stacy (out of frame, leading the pack) and Earl (exiled). The CBS press photos show the full line-up, pre-challenge (the one where Stacy is wearing her buff as a shirt).

Pre-challenge pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
overhead shot overhead shot 2 hiking in, minus stacy (ahead) and earl

   The overhead shots above show the layout of the course, which is a multi-stage, multiple-elimination affair. The contestants appear to start on the beach, in some unseen leg. Next, there are six (Boo is already sitting out) digging in lanes in the sand. From there, the challenge appears to progress to the water. There are three towers in the water, presumably this leg requires doing something that involves climbing the towers, since we see Alex jumping off. Update: birdlady at MeSS points out, quite reasonably, that the digging lanes are visible in the press photo of the pre-challenge lineup, so that must be the first leg, and thus Boo must be sitting out at the start, for some reason.

Immunity challenge pictures: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
all a-digging dre digs it dre digs it
alex digs through the first round? or just through? alex's long run from the law comes to a soggy end

   Alex has to win to stay in the game, obviously.
And he does make it to the water leg of the challenge. Does he win? Seems unlikely.
   Okay, so who does? Well, if Yau-Man is being played up as a boot candidate, then Yau-Man seems like a good guess to win the necklace and protect his hidden idol. Or not, because as was pointed out to us in email, Earl says "vote Yau-Man out today" in the previews, but if he's exiled, that would have to be after the IC, which wouldn't make much sense if Yau-Man had already won (a second form of) immunity. So not Yau-Man, then.
   On second thoughts, the water leg of the challenge does look rather physical. And as smokeitgood points out, Boo is shown wearing the immunity necklace in the late-breaking Probst preview. A surprising event which has also been spoiled by SurvivorPhoenix. Apparently birdlady's original guess that "Boo won the RC, and so got to pass into the second stage of the immunity challenge?" was correct.
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