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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 10: "It's A Turtle?!" Filmed: November 23-25, 2006
Airdate: April 19, 2007
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Survivor: Fiji episode 10 detailed Reward Challenge spoilers/ speculation

Click to expand. Photo credit: Jeffrey Staab, Copyright CBS, 2006
   This week, according to TV Guide, we'll see: "The castaways compete for a reward that includes a feast and overnight stay on a yacht that is moored within sight of the losers back at camp." Thanks to the web promo posted at GoFish by puddin, and the CBS press photos posted at MeSS by anywho, we can discern the following about that happens:

   The challenge, which the press photo shows is entitled "Get Smashed", appears to be the resurrected version of the frequently-used "answer embarrassing and potentially insulting questions about your tribemates" quiz, this time featuring wooden shelves the contestants get to smash with a club when they answer correctly (see Boo, below).
    From the web (and now TV) promo, we see Boo smashing the second (of three) set of yellow shelves between Edgardo's (purple, on the right) and Dre's (green, to the left). Comparing with the contestant lineup (above), it would appear Stacy's close to out of luck in this challenge. And yes, from the TV ad, the yellow shelves bear Stacy's name (also, it appears she has an intact set of shelves behind the front two).
Challenge shots: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
Boo smashes Stacy Boo smashes Stacy Boo smashes Stacy
Boo smashes Stacy probst asks a question Stacy, Earl eliminated?

   Who wins? Everyone else seems to have a reasonably intact set of shelves at the above point in the challenge. Although as James Barber point out at MeSS, Mookie's irritation at Cassandra in the post-show preview could have something to do with this challenge. And the winner of this challenge probably gets to both choose tribemates to accompany him/her on the reward, and pick an exilee. So he could be pissed at her for that, or that she eliminated him, or for something else. Under the radar contestants usually do well in this challenge, so Cassandra is a decent guess, in the absence of other evidence.
   VolcanicGlass's spoiler post ("Do sea snakes smell blood?") at MeSS backs up that theory, as does (as noted by smokeitgood) the shot of a smiling Cassandra in Jeff Probst's Ep10 preview at IGN. So Cassandra wins, and exiles Mookie.
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