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True Dork Times Survivor 14: Fiji Spoilers
Episode 1: "Something Cruel Is About to Happen... Real Soon " Filmed: Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2006
Airdate: February 8, 2007
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Survivor: Fiji - Jeff Probst's pre- and post-game comments about the cast
Click below to jump to a particular contestant's Probst-derived commentary:
Anthony Robinson Boo Bernis Cassandra Franklin
'Dreamz' Herd Earl Cole Edgardo Rivera Erica Durousseau
Gary Stritesky 'Rocky' Reid Jessica deBen Liliana Gomez
Lisi Linares Michelle Yi Mookie Lee Rita Verreos
Stacy Kimball Sylvia Kwan Yau-Man Chan  

For each contestant, we've combined two primary sources of information:
(1) Quotes from the TV Guide Channel's "Survivor: Fiji Preview" show. These were all made around the time of the filming of Episode 1, so essentially "pre-game", and...
(2) quotes from Jeff Probst during the seasonal pre-Ep1 media teleconference (as transcribed and posted at Sucks by MayanSun of These were made January 31st, 2007, or almost two months after filming ended (and thus, "post-game").

Keep in mind that Probst is attempting to sell the show to potential viewers. So while he may say you will "love" certain characters, they will fall, at best, somewhere in our cultural fabric between Richard Hatch and Jonathan Libby (either of whom, if you had to Google them, proves our point).

alexPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "He's very good socially. He's got looks, and physical abilities. I would consider him an absolute threat. Alex could win this game."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Mentioned only in the context of Yau-Man: "[Yau-Man] may not be as strong as Rocky or Mookie or Boo or Alex or Edgardo, all these guys we haven't talked about. We have some really strong guys. This is definitely a season dominated by strong guys in their late twenties, early thirties."
anthonyPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "Anthony is gonna have a big challenge in this game. I just don't think Anthony's gonna fit in. Anthony will not win this game."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Not mentioned at all.
booPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "Boo... could win this game. I'd be delighted if Boo won this game. I'm not sure I buy the New Orleans twang, and the charm, that that's all Boo is, but it works."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- "Boo is athletic. He's in good shape and has an athletic background. You'll discover very early on Boo is the most injury prone survivor I've ever seen in 14 seasons. I'm talking in the course of an hour he goes from perfectly fine to three injuries. It's almost funny. The rest of the tribe is kind of laughing because it's not so serious yet. He clearly has that sort of bumbling contradiction. He's so athletically gifted, but keep the machete out of his hands. When I met Boo I was charmed by him because he has that New Orleans drawl. He's very respectful. It's 'yes ma'am', 'no sir.' That's kind of the guy I saw out there. I mean, he's playing the game and he wants to win but I thought Boo carried himself with a certain degree of self-respect."
- "[Yau-Man] may not be as strong as Rocky or Mookie or Boo or Alex or Edgardo, all these guys we haven't talked about. We have some really strong guys. This is definitely a season dominated by strong guys in their late twenties, early thirties."
cassandraPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "Cassandra is going to have a nice visit in the Fiji Islands. She'll be voted out early, and take a trip with all the other non-jury members. And I think that'll be enough for Cassandra."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Not mentioned at all.
drePre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "Dre could easily end up on the outside, through no fault of his own. Just an inability to know how to really do the social thing. And that would be a tragedy."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- "We have another really interesting person in Dreamz who is Andria/Dre, his real name. He goes by Dreamz on the show. He was homeless, really, a homeless kid, a street performer. His story comes out on the show but in a nutshell, he lived in garbage dumpsters, scrounged for food. He's a gymnast. Him and his brothers would put on shows to make money. This is a kid literally off the street who has survived and made something of his life. He's an underdog. He's a guy that you listen to his story and you instantly forgive a lot of things because you know where he's coming from. I think his biggest challenge on the show is going to be his social adaptability. It's not something he's used to. Hang around 20 people and having to fit in and compromise and say the right thing is not something he grew up with. He's used to doing whatever he needs to do to take care of himself and his family right now. You will see that dilemma play out for him this season. That dilemma right there of how do I adapt to other people and try to get along when my instinct says 'do what's best for you right now' cause that's how you grew up."
- "When I first met Dreamz and he came in the room and told a story, he talked for about 45 minutes. Normally our interviews at this point after they've gone through all of the layers of casting, we'll talk to somebody for 10 or 15 minutes and know, yes or no. Dreamz, we couldn't stop him and we couldn't stop listening. And this is a kid that would never have applied to Survivor on his own. He wouldn't even know how to apply. He wouldn't think about applying, I don't think."
- "When I see a guy like Dreamz walk in and tell me that he's lived in garbage cans and that he's made it and that he and his brothers have taken care of each other and they're still a family and they do street performing and 'I want to do Survivor.' I'm like, 'God are you kidding? You're the greatest gift in the world to walk in here.'"
- "Dreamz is a really sharp kid. He's an accomplished gymnast. Physically he's a specimen. The dude is ripped. He's in great shape. He'll be a threat in challenges and he's so honest. He's just so real. That could hurt him immensely in this game because Dreamz hasn't figured out necessarily how to lie and cheat with a lot of finesse. Dreamz is just Dreamz. 'I'm just Dreamz. I say what I think. I do what I want to and I want to have fun and I want to win and I want to kill that other tribe.' Sometimes you're laughing at Dreamz and sometimes you want to go, 'Stop, stop, stop. Dreamz stop. Don't say it. You're killing yourself.' But he's really memorable."
earlPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "[Earl says he'll seize opportunities when they appear, and retreat when it's time to do so]. That's a good strategy. It's playing to win. You're going for one thing, I'm playing to win. As far as I'm concerned, why else are you out here?"
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Not mentioned at all.
edgardoPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "He told us some stories in casting, about, 'One time I had a buddy, and I didn't think his girlfriend was so good for him, so I went and slept with her to prove to him that she was not a worthy... worthy wife. So that's Edgardo's moral code. In a game like Survivor, Edgardo could win."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Mentioned only in the context of Yau-Man: "[Yau-Man] may not be as strong as Rocky or Mookie or Boo or Alex or Edgardo, all these guys we haven't talked about. We have some really strong guys. This is definitely a season dominated by strong guys in their late twenties, early thirties."
ericaPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "Erica said something to me though, in casting, that was a red flag. She talked about making the jury. I think Erica will be lucky to make the jury. Nice person, but doesn't have the killer instinct to win this game."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- "Erica is a sleeper. Erica is an athlete also. I think she's a track star in her background and been in the military. She's a quiet force and she's not easily swayed which also comes up very early. I think in the first episode you get a chance to see that Erica has her own opinions and even though the tribe may be going left, if she feels it appropriate to go right she will. Which historically is not a great move."
- "That's kind of what I meant when I said about Erica earlier. You find people who will come out there and say, 'Well, I'm not voting with the rest of the tribe.' And as a viewer, you're going, 'Oh, just vote with the rest of the tribe. Trust me, don't cast a single meaningless vote to prove your point.' But they will and it makes the show interesting."
garyPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "Gary talked a lot about the fact that he has kids that are roughly the same age as a lot of people in this season of Survivor. And how that will be an advantage, because he has a great relationship with his kids."
- "Can he win the game? He's a dark horse."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- "It was Gary who we didn't talk about - whose nickname is Papa Smurf, who is a school bus driver - I think he is the only guy this season that applied."
rockyPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "The only way James wins this game is if he makes it to the final two by being a lunatic, and then says, 'It was all an act. I'm a Rhodes Scholar.' That's the only way he wins."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Note: This was offered in response to a general question, so it's someone Probst saw as a long-term 'star': "There's a guy, Rocky, his name is James Reid but he goes by Rocky and there's a reason. He looks just like Stallone's doppelganger minus 150 lbs. He looks like Sylvester Stallone who's been deflated, all the air let out of him. He walks like him, he talks like him. He's got some mannerisms. I kept waiting for him to pull out the turtles and yell out 'Adrian'. Rocky leaps off of the island. He cannot help himself. He's colorful and funny and challenging and at times irritating and you will know him instantly."
- "When a guy like Rocky walks in and you think he's going to get in a fight with somebody before he leaves the casting room, again you're going, 'Man, you've gotta be on this show. I don't know how you're going to do or if anyone is going to like you but you're fascinating.'"
- "[Yau-Man] may not be as strong as Rocky or Mookie or Boo or Alex or Edgardo, all these guys we haven't talked about. We have some really strong guys. This is definitely a season dominated by strong guys in their late twenties, early thirties."
jessicaPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "I think Jessica is somebody that people are gonna like. She's not a little vixen, that's walking around, trying to use sex appeal. She's just a nice person, who will bring something to the tribe."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- "Jessica is the quintessential girl next door. Comes in with a bit of...I was pulling for Jessica because she had some family tragedy in her life and I think it's been a struggle at times. In fact she wore a shirt, a denim shirt that was four sizes too big because it was her father's shirt. She wore it in memory of her father. She's very likeable. It's interesting, honestly, all three of the people from New Orleans were very likeable. They were just good people. That doesn't mean one thing or another about the other people but Jessica's the same way. Delightful smile, great personality and I think an underdog. I said before the show started Jessica was somebody who could win the game. I also said that about Boo. I thought Boo and Jessica both could win the game. Of course my track record is horrible."
lilianaPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "Liliana is somebody that I'm betting people will keep around."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Not mentioned at all.
lisiPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "I think Lisi could be a crowd favorite, or Lisi could be very annoying, or Lisi could simply disappear, and be an early vote-off."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Not mentioned at all.
michellePre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "I can't tell if Michelle is... a dynamite package ready to explode, or just a giggly schoolgirl who's out here having fun."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- "Michelle is...let me see how I want to describe Michelle... Michelle is responsible for something that hasn't happened since Africa in terms of a moment out on the beach. She has a huge impact on her tribe right away. It's something that is rarely seen on Survivor and I don't think it's happened other than two times in the history of our show where someone has achieved this task and that's Michelle. She's feisty and she's, I think, a little deceptive. When you see her and listen to her she has a way of talking that makes everything sound like a question. I think people might disregard her but she's a bit more of a player than I think people realize. She shows that with her effort early on."
mookiePre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "If Mookie can stay in the game long enough to make it to the individual portion, he could be a threat."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Mentioned only in the context of Yau-Man: "[Yau-Man] may not be as strong as Rocky or Mookie or Boo or Alex or Edgardo, all these guys we haven't talked about. We have some really strong guys. This is definitely a season dominated by strong guys in their late twenties, early thirties."
ritaPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "Rita - 'I'm so beautiful for my age' - is a... fascinating woman. I think she should be a really good character on the show."
- "Can Rita win the game? No. Rita will not win the game."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- "Rita prides herself on being a single mom. She wears that as a badge of honor. 'This is a big part of my life. This is something that I'm very proud of and it takes a lot of my time.' She's also very aware of her looks. She brought up on more than a few occasions that, 'I know I'm attractive and I get hit on a lot and I have no problem with that in fact I'm hoping that happens out here and I will definitely use it. I'm not looking for romance, I'm looking to win a million dollars. If my body and my looks and the fact that I'm a single mom will help me one bit then I'll use it.'
- "Rita's pretty good, she's a good nurturer and that probably comes from being a mom.... And I think every tribe needs some nurturing. I felt that's what Rita provided. She was the compassionate one that would understand, would listen to an argument, would try to make you feel better after a loss. That can go a long way. It keeps you out of the way when people are looking for reasons to vote somebody out. Rita's nice, suddenly she's okay. I've learned over the seasons that anything you can do to not give them a reason to say 'yes' to voting you out is a good thing to do."
- "If she gets lucky and someone on the island wants to keep her around because they think she's hot, good for her."
stacyPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "I just can't get a read on her! And I would say that's not a good sign. 'Cause if you can't read somebody, it's hard to trust them. Stacy cannot win this game."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Not mentioned at all.
sylviaPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "Sylvia is going to annoy some people. It took me 30 minutes to get Sylvia to tell me whether or not she can swim."
- [smirking] "Good luck, Sylvia."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- Not mentioned at all.
yau-manPre-game (TV Guide Channel):
- "He's a guy you could easily dismiss, and say, 'I'm sorry, you're just too old.' And as a guy who's starting to get older, it's hard to stomach. So I'm pulling for Yau-Man."
- "Can he win the game? Long shot."
Post-game (media teleconference):
- "Another guy who is one of my all time favorite survivors is Yau-Man who I think might be the oldest guy. He's from coincidentally Kota Kinabalu where we did the very first season in Borneo. He grew up on those islands. So he is really at home. This is a guy that knows how to open a coconut quickly, efficiently. I really do think that people are going to adore Yau-Man."
- "Yau-Man, nope. I can't say more than to say he, after this season is finished, he is one of my favorite all time survivors."
- "Yau-Man, for as likeable as he is and charming as he is, he's at a huge disadvantage because he's old and appears almost frail, not just slight. He appears like you could snap his arm and break it. But what Yau-Man is good at is getting out of the way. From day one Yau-Man says, 'I know I'm a liability. I know I've got to work to earn my keep.' And he does. There's stuff in there that we couldn't even include in the first episode because of time but he... he puts forth so much effort that I found myself thinking, 'I wouldn't vote this guy out early. He's giving us everything he's got right now.'"
- "Yau-Man brings a different background and it's interesting. Yau-Man grew up on the islands. He's not a normal person on Survivor and in my world, he's not a normal person in my life. When he tells you that he knows how to open a coconut, this is a guy who's done it his whole life. He grew up playing on the beaches. There's something about that that I feel is really breathing some fresh air into our show where you're forced to remember that you are not the center of the friggin' universe."
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