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Rita Verreos
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Contestant-related press and rumors
January 25, 2007: Exciting, CBS-penned TV ad text:

"Rita's the hot single mom. She plans to seduce."

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Rita Rita Rita

Full casrJanuary 12, 2007: Rita's official bio, from the CBS S14 site...

Born in Venezuela, Rita Verreos moved to San Francisco when she was eight years old. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, before transferring to the University of California, Los Angeles. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Italian and French Literature.
   Verreos has traveled extensively through Central and South America, the Caribbean and Europe. After college, she moved to Mexico City where she lived for 11 years with her then husband and two children. She was a contestant in the Miss Venezuela pageant and walked the fashion runways of Venezuela, Mexico and Los Angeles. In 1990, she appeared in the film 'Marked for Death.'
   In 2003, Verreos moved to Texas with her two children. She currently juggles being a single mom with working part-time on her business as an image consultant who specializes in coaching girls for the Miss Texas, Miss California and Miss USA Pageants. She is also a television spokesperson for a local supermarket chain in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.
   Verreos enjoys playing with her children, cooking, listening to "world" music, reading and writing in foreign languages. She also enjoys playing basketball, football and walking. She describes herself as persistent, tough on the outside…tender on the inside, considerate and respectful.
   Verreos currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, with her children, her parents, and their golden retriever, Blackie. Her birth date is July 19, 1968."
January 12, 2007: Officially revealed as a Survivor: Fiji contestant on CBS's The Early Show.

Hannah Storm: "Rita Verreos is a single mother of two. She's an image consultant by trade, but says she enjoys a much simpler life. Like one on an exotic, tropical island."
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Rita, Earl Rita Rita, Mookie, Stacy
Rita (and others) Rita, Dre, James Rita, Dre, James

January 7, 2007: Revealed as a Survivor: Fiji contestant by VolcanicGlass, at Survivor Phoenix.
December 17, 2006: Jeff Probst's voiceover from the Survivor: Fiji preview (replete with actual contestant photos, as far as we know) that aired during the Survivor: Cook Islands reunion show:

Coming in the new year... Survivor turns the tables on two tribes, as one lives the life of luxury, while the other is left with virtually nothing. For the first time, there will be 19 new Survivors. This diverse cast, with lifestyles ranging from a Harvard-educated lawyer to a once-homeless street performer, will be forced to battle each other more fiercely than ever before. Crawling with thousands of deadly sea snakes, Exile Island will be more treacherous than ever. This time, two immunity idols and a twist will drastically complicate the game. And one of the most controversial decisions ever made by a Survivor will have America talking. Who will outwit, outplay and outlast all the others? Join us next time, for the premiere of Survivor: Fiji."

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Rita More Rita Still more Rita
Nick Verreos's blog
December 16, 2006: Post from the blog of her brother, Nick Verreos (himself a reality show contestant, on the second season of Bravo's Project Runway), about the Miss USA pageant:

"It was also nail-biting for another reason. It just happens to be that my sister, Rita Verreos, (on the left, in a red top) herself a former "Miss Venezuela" contestant, is a pageant coach, who actually trained Tamiko Nash, "Miss California " to prepare for the "Miss USA" contest. Tamiko went on to become First Runner Up, and two days ago was awaiting word of whether or not she would have to get on a plane to New York City."

former content from
Circa 2005: Biographical tidbits from her since-deleted modeling web site:

- Born July 19, 1968 in Caracas, Venezuela (now a U.S. citizen).
- Full name Rita Rosina Verreos

Lots of pages (and pictures) archived via the Wayback Machine

Other biographical info from her MySpace: "Greek/Venezuelan. Single mommie of 2 amazing children. Model, Image Consultant, Miss USA Beauty Queen Coach."
1990: Appeared as "Marta" in the cruelly Oscar-deprived Steven Seagal movie, "Marked For Death."
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