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True Dork Times Survivor 13: Cook Islands Spoilers
Episode 3: "Flirting and Frustration" Filmed: July 2-3, 2006
Airdate: September 28, 2006
Episode 3: Summary | New tribes | RC | Exile | IC | Boot
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Survivor: Cook Islands episode 3 detailed IC spoilers/ speculation
   This one was lifted directly from the far-more popular Palau season: "Hot Pursuit" (which was also in Ep3, and for immunity). Each tribe, chained together, runs in shallow water around a large circle, with backpacks filled with sand (or something else of similar weight). As players drop out, they have to hand over their bags to their remaining tribemates. Eventually, one tribe catches the other, and wins.

   The only real question is: Is this for reward, immunity, or both? Our guess is the latter. Although it should be pointed out that the new challenge arrival pics seem to show most of the contestants wearing different clothes than they do in the challenge (Sundra, in particular, who wears more clothes to actually compete in the challenge, for some reason). So there could actually be two challenges. Although thanks to the higher-def images on Sunday, Candice's face paint appears to match in both the arrival and challenge shots, so maybe there is just one.

   As for this particular challenge, from the looks of it, Rarotonga seems to have a fairly easy time catching up to the older and weaker Aitutaki. JP and Adam (now together on Rarotonga) are seen tackling Yul and Cao Boi (now on Aitutaki), with Yul laden with multiple bags at the time. Someone on Aitutaki is also shown throwing his bag down, apparently in frustration. And the women of Rarotonga are seen cheering from the sidelines. Rarotonga wins?
"Hot Pursuit" challenge shots
New Aitutaki minus Cecilia new Rarotongas Sundra, mid-challenge aitutaki, getting chased
aitutaki, getting chased cheering rarotonga women jp, adam (blue) tackle cao boi, yul (red) aitutaki down?
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