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True Dork Times Survivor 13: Cook Islands Spoilers
Episode 14: "This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3 ..." (finale) Filmed: August 1-3, 2006
Airdate: December 17, 2006
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Survivor: Cook Islands finale detailed final five IC spoilers/ speculation

   Oh goody, another "underdog" scenario. One poor Rarotonga left, against the evil four-person Aitutaki empire. We're guessing SEG won't be gaining much traction with that particular hard-sell approach. Still, can the lone Rarotonga save himself with an immunity win? Oh, the suspense...

   Well, Mark Burnett ruined the suspense. The only thing, apparently, keeping Adam from being booted is (in Burnett's words to TV Guide): "the hardest puzzle we've ever done, called Compass Rose." Uh oh.
   True, Burnett does also assure us that Adam "might be cleverer than we think." In other news, the Earth "might" suddenly get bored of going around the sun year after year, and decide to go orbit Alpha Centauri, instead.

   And while Adam clearly won't be winning this one, someone has to. We're not sure why Yul or Becky don't win this one, but we've heard Ozzy does. We're not sure what the point of the elaborate obstacle course is, if all five contestants (even Adam and Sundra!) get caught back up with each other on the puzzle section. But whatever, that's why we're not highly-paid reality show competition designers. Maybe they're just jealous of all those Amazing Race Emmys.

Challenge shots: Click thumbnail image to view larger image
f5 ic start tarzan ozzy sundra with a bag sundra with a bag
adam with a bag aka ozzy aka ozzy aka "the invisible one"
ozzy drops puzzle stage thanks a lot, mark burnett!
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