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Sundra Oakley
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Contestant-related press and rumors
Official CBS site for Survivor: Cook Islands
August 23, 2006: Officially revealed as a Survivor: Cook Islands contestant on CBS's The Early Show. From her official CBS bio:

"A first generation American, Sundra Oakley was born in Queens, New York to Jamaican parents. Oakley received her Bachelor's Degree from New York University. She also studied at Georgetown University.

Oakley is currently a cocktail waitress at a Hollywood nightclub while pursuing an acting career. She has appeared on CSI: Miami on CBS, Strong Medicine, Sex and the City, several national commercials and has appeared off Broadway.
    Oakley's hobbies include dancing, traveling to new countries, reading, kung fu and capoeira, snuggling on the couch with her son to watch a movie and sleep when she can get it. Her favorite sports are running and boxing.
    Oakley currently resides in Los Angeles with her son, Carsun and their beta fish, Beta. Her birth date is January 2, 1975. "
August 20, 2006: Listed as a potential Survivor: Cook Islands contestant here at the True Dork Times. Sources report she appears to currently be living in Los Angeles, and working in a bar in Hollywood. Although she does have a 2006 acting appearance in the indie blaxpoitation film Black Kissinger (featuring Fred "The Hammer" Williamson), according to IMDb.
Zema's web site
March 3, 2005: Sundra appears in the video for "Stoned Love," a roots-reggae remake of the 1970 Supremes song (in this context, the song is about racial tolerance), done by reggae artists Abijah and California-based Zema:

sundra"A new 7-inch, "Stoned Love" a dynamic combination with Abijah and Zema (7MELM001) is now out on the Melchizedek Music label. This single was recorded in Kingston at Tuff Gong and Big Ship Studios and includes Horsemouth on drums, Dalton Browne on guitar and background vocals by Yeshemabeth McGregor and Trudy Francis. "Stoned Love" has been aired on Jamaican radio including IRIE FM, ROOTS FM and HOT 102. Distribution is through Ernie B's Reggae (, All Access in Jamaica and One Love Jamaica International Distribution Jamaica/Italy,
   The 'Stoned Love' video for this single is now out and currently being aired on Jamaican TV including Hype TV and RE TV. Filmed in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Venice Beach, California, it includes guest appearances by Garth Dennis (formerly of Black Uhuru), the Reggae Rock band, and gorgeous Jamaican actress Sundra Oakley. Also featured in the video is Bob Marley's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The video was directed and edited by Shane Ruggieri of Fixed Earth Films and Kirk Moses. You can view the video with Quick Time software at the following links:
31 mb size:
smaller 13mb size:"
October 17, 2004: Finished the US 1/2 Marathon in San Francisco. Crossed the line last in her age bracket (among those who actually finished). Although at 29, she was also at the top of that bracket, age-wise.
Jana Bent (original publication unknown, reposted on a message board)
March 26, 2004: Excerpt from a news piece written by Jana Bent, about Jamaican-born actors. Original citation is missing, article was posted on a Jamaican message board at

"In Jamaica, it would appear to most that if you're not 'carrying any hype' then 'nuttin' nah gwaan fi yu'. Maybe this standard is a reflection of the size of our population, our island, and our propensity to 'chat people's business'.
    With a plethora of media and public relations workers in our country, not much passes us. If something is happening for anyone in our island, good or bad, it quickly becomes public knowledge.
    However, for some talented Jamaicans in the US, success is abundant, yet these people are the first to downplay the significance of their achievements. Possibly this is due to the fact that in America, the bar is so much higher, for what Jamaicans would consider huge success, worthy of hype and excitement, full-page newspaper spreads and talk-show rounds.
    For these individuals, a common theme seems to be that though their achievements may be significant to us, they have so much further to go before they can feel they have achieved true success in their careers in the entertainment industry.
    Take for example, some of the individuals currently residing in Los Angeles. There's Sundra Oakley, a beautiful, highly trained Jamaican actress, model and dancer. Her last major Jamaican entertainment appearance was appearing in Shaggy's music video, Boombastic, after which she migrated to New York and has recently relocated to LA.
    In these past few years she has toured the world with international artistes as a dancer, and has nabbed major speaking roles in episodes of Sex And The City, CSI: Miami, and the soap opera, As The World Turns. She has auditioned for top film directors such as Sidney Lumet, Spike Lee, and has performed in an off-broadway play. Oakley still considers herself a striving artist who has only scratched the surface of her goals."
Indian Cowboy official site
2004: Biographical sketch of Sundra, taken from the web site for an indie movie she co-starred in, Indian Cowboy:

"A talented actress, Sundra received her BFA in acting from New York University. She has dazzled audiences with her intelligence, beauty and acting abilities in such theatre productions as: Dance & Drum Festival, Mule Bone, Spirit's Dance, M'Zawa Danz, Kings, and Dames at Sea. Sundra can currently be seen in Joe Fearless, an off-broadway hit playing at the Atlantic Theatre. On television, Sundra has appeared in the Chris Rock Show, Life from L.A. with Michael Colyer, the 1999 Music Video Awards, and an episode of the hip and sexy show Sex & the City. Sundra enjoys dancing, choreography and has appeared in music videos for artists including Limp Biskit, Ed Michael, Shaggy, Phajia and Three Jays."
2000-2004: Various TV show guest appearances, as listed at IMDb...

- 2000: As "Adeena Williams" in the "No Ifs, Ands or Butts" episode of Sex and the City (Season Three).
- 2002: As "Detective Rubens" in the May 27, 2002 episode of As The World Turns
- 2004: As "Sara Foster" in the "Complications" episode of CSI: Miami.
1998: According to a post on a Jamaican Star message board, appears to have placed fourth in the 1998 Miss Jamaica World beauty pageant. And if it's posted on a message board, it must be true.

4th Sundra Oakley
5th Shelly-Ann Lewis"
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