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Parvati Shallow
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Contestant-related press and rumors
RarotongaSeptember 4, 2006: Parvati-related clips from TV Guide Channel's "Survivor: Cook Islands Preview" show:

Parvati (faux flirty): "Ready!"
Cirie Fields: "And ready she is. Parvati might look like a lightweight, but she's already developed the tough skin... in the boxing ring."
Parvati: "I've done martial arts ever since I was little. And, uh... I just love to try new things. And I was like, 'Oh, boxing sounds fun.' And then I just got involved in, like, training for competitive matches."

MrBobDawgsta at Survivor Sucks
August 24, 2006: Former Survivor: Panama - Exile Island contestant "Bob Dawg" Mason provides some local insight into Parvati's personality:

"I've met Parvati though. We were in a TV hosting class together a few months ago (Courtney is in it now too, and I think Danielle, who moved to LA recently, may be checking it out, so officially, all the cool kids are doing it). If they got home after the Cocoa Beach thing then that means
Parvati was in the class before she left for the game. She didn't mention anything about the game and didn't ask me about the game to my recollection. She and I did an ad-lib presentation together and her feistiness and my bobdawgsta machismo clashed a bit and it got a little contentious, but not in a bad way.We actualyl got teamed up after that b/c the teacher liked the dynamic of a tough chick and a shit talking chauvanist. She's tough but nice (or at least she was to me). I don't know that she understood how much of what I was saying was tongue in cheek but if you don't know me it's easy to assume I'm just a one dimensional cocky asshole so I can't blame her. I don't know if she's italian, but judging from my little experience with her I think she may end up being what they thought they were going to get out of Danielle..."
Official CBS site for Survivor: Cook Islands
August 23, 2006: Officially revealed as a Survivor: Cook Islands contestant on CBS's The Early Show. From her official CBS bio:

"Parvati Shallow grew up the eldest of three siblings on a commune in Vero Beach, Florida. She and her family moved to Atlanta when she was 11 years old. Having studied martial arts since her youth, she currently works as a female boxer and cocktail waitress. She previously worked as a model, bartender and in public relations.
parvati   Striking out on her own when she was 17 years old, Shallow put herself through college, attending the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in journalism with a minor in French. While in college, she was an active member of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.
   Shallow enjoys boxing, running, hiking, volleyball, yoga, skiing, softball, dancing and swimming (she was on her high school swim team all four years). She loves the outdoors and gets "super cranky" if she can't play outside in the sun on a daily basis. She is most proud of being a female boxer for Perfect 10 Model Boxing.
   Shallow currently resides in West Hollywood, California. Her birth date is September 21, 1982."
ModelBoxing at Yahoo!
April 28, 2006: From the "Model Boxing" Yahoo! Sports Group:

"Perfect 10 Model Boxing
   The second round of model boxing took place at Avalon Hollywood on April 28th. Pairings of models were: ...

Kimberly Kimble "The Crusher" vs Parvati Shallow (winner)."
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