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Jessica 'Flica Flame' Smith
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Contestant-related press and rumors
RarotongaSeptember 4, 2006: Jessica-related clips from TV Guide Channel's "Survivor: Cook Islands Preview" show:

Jessica: "Better watch out, Flica Flame!"
Cirie Fields: "Will fire dancer and roller derby queen Jessica, a.k.a. Flica Flame, be able to check her Survivor competition out of the running?"
Probst: "Jessica, who... looks a lot like Courtney from last season..."
Jessica: "To have another fire performer, I'm like, 'That's cool!' At least we're artists."
Probst: "... if she can get some momentum, she probably will be around for a while. Can't win the game."
Official CBS site for Survivor: Cook Islands
August 23, 2006: Officially revealed as a Survivor: Cook Islands contestant on CBS's The Early Show. From her official CBS bio:

"Born and raised on a small ranch in Palo Cedro, California, Jessica Smith graduated from Foothill High School in Redding, California. She moved to Chico, California when she was 18 years old to move to a town that supports the arts.

Smith is a performance artist and designer. As a performance artist, she does various fire-related performances using fire hula hoops, poi, staff and batons…often times on stilts. She has participated in California's Burning Man Festival for the last eight years, as well as continually performing all over the state of California.
    Most recently, Smith was a Nor Cal Roller girl who went by the name 'Flicka Flame.' She was also the team captain of the undefeated Roller Derby Team titled "VooDoo Dolls," where she also designed the uniforms and was the artistic coordinator of the theme (she named the team and created the theatrics). She is also an all-star member of 'Hustlers.'
   Smith was previously employed as a costume shop manager and designer, event promoter and fabric store employee. She describes herself as adventurous, creative, hard-working, self-disciplined and sociable.
   Jessica Smith currently resides in Chico, California, with her cat, Alita. Her birth date is January 22, 1979."
Heather Hacking, reporting for the ChicoER
August 9, 2006: Some confirmation from the local press. Heather Hacking, writing for the Chico Enterprise-Record, reveals that SEG actively recruited within the NorCal Roller Girls league for S13 contestants, among other things. (Excerpted below):

"Former NorCal Roller Girl speculated to be on reality show
   Flica Flame might light up television sets around the nation this month, if rumors are true. The flame dancing, stilt dancing, roller derby queen from Chico has left her friends in a lurch. The flamboyant 'roller girl' is suspected to be among the contestants of the upcoming series of Survivor, the reality game show that has America fixated on sarong-wearing men and women battling it out with wits and brawn to win a million dollars....
    Flica Flame is not the favorite among the league members. Some said she plays too rough and too hard. But she might have drawn the attention of the producers of the show Survivor who were specifically looking for a tough chick to make the team on a remote island. Time will tell when the show debuts at 8 p.m. Sept. 14 on CBS.
    Cal Skate owner Mike Seko said the show contacted him wanting a roller derby participant, and he thinks that bodes well for the popularity of the sport. He gave them a few names and heard through his network that a couple of the girls were auditioned, including Flica/Smith. He heard she and the other roller derby players had been interviewed. Then he noticed that there were many hits on the league's Web site, from a 'spoiler' Web site that speculates on who might be on the show Survivor. Suddenly Smith's pictures and information about her started popping up more and more when he did an Internet search on 'Flica Flame.'
    And then she disappeared, right about the time the show would have been taping in the Cook Islands off Australia. Smith's personal Web site at shows she last logged in on June 20, a point that several of the Web sites speculating about her role on Survivor have noted. Among the several friends who have posted accolades, some have intimated good luck on her 'ventures.'
    He's not surprised he doesn't know for certain. The show has very strict guidelines for not revealing the outcome of the competition. There's a lot at stake -- publicity, not to mention the million-dollar prize. But if it's true, the gals from the local roller derby team will have fun watching Smith on Survivor. Seko said he's looking for a local venue to hold parties to watch the show and cheer on Chico's contestant. If it's true."
MayanSun at Survivor Sucks
July 11, 2006: MayanSun from releases a tip about another potential Survivor Cook Islands contestant at Sucks:

"I'm getting tips about a possible contestant who is a former rollerderby girl... Uses the nickname "Flica Flame" or "Flica Flames" sometimes just "Flica"
   Real name: Jessica Smith. Very reminiscent of Courtney Marit. Has not logged into her website (easy to find) since June 20th and has quit the rollerderby scene. Entries from friends on her website indicate that she was going away for awhile.
    Age: 27. Home: Chico, California; Blackrock, Nevada
    Occupation: Former Roller Derby Player; Managed a Glass Shop called Lotus Designs (now out of business)
    Other info:- Former Member (Captain) of VooDoo Dolls Roller Derby Team. NorCal Roller Girls are an amateur Roller Derby Club, chartered by USA Roller Sports
- Creator of Kinetic Entertainment, Flame effects artist, Stilt walker, body painter and designer. Training as a glass blowing student
- Burning Man Participant"
Josh Brodleit, reporting for the Orion Online
March 1, 2006: Jessica/Flica is mentioned in an article on the NorCal Roller Girls in Chico State's student newspaper, the Orion (excerpted below):

"Beer, babes and bruises
... The women of the NorCal Roller Girls might be teachers, moms and students by day, but at night they follow the roller derby league's motto, "Beer, babes and bruises."
    But even that's an understatement. The 40 players endure broken bones, and concussions have become relatively common for the women of Chico's newest contact sport. The league's four teams will take 13 of the hardest-hitters and create a league all-star team, The Chico Hustlers, will prepare to battle Sacramento's Sac City Rollers Saturday at Cal Skate Funland.
   'We're all about letting the Sac girls know who's in charge. We'll be sweeping the floor with their faces,' said Jessica 'Flica' Smith, team captain of the Voodoo Dolls."
NorCal Roller Girls site
Spring, 2006: Selections from Jessica/Flica's team page (she was co-captain of the VooDoo Dolls) and personal photo page from the NorCal Roller Girls site:

Flame throwing is just her day job. Wait till you see her on skates."

NorCal Roller Girls site also has a full page of Flica-specific photos, here.

Additional VooDoo Dolls (including Flica Flame) photos available at teammate DJ Lois's page, here.
NorCal Roller Girls site
Spring, 2006: Jessica/Flica pulls in several trophies at the (peer-voted) Spring 2006 Awards Ceremony for the NorCal Roller Girls:

"And the winners are: ...
Best Tattoo: Flica Flame (VooDoo Dolls) ...
Queen of the Confessional: Flica Flame (VooDoo Dolls) ...
Most Intimidating: Flica Flame & Kruella (both VooDoo Dolls)."
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