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Contestant-related press and rumors
RarotongaSeptember 4, 2006: Adam-related clips from TV Guide Channel's "Survivor: Cook Islands Preview" show:

Cirie Fields: "28-year-old Adam, a salesman from San Diego, says he's head and well-muscled shoulders above the others in Cook Islands."
Adam: "I think that's one of my advantages. I think I'm physically, um, you know, better than most of the other contestants."
Probst: "Adam?" [shakes head] "...not gonna win this game. He'll probably... wanna punch me for saying that. It plays on another level that... he just may not be into, or he may not have the skills yet, but... it's a dicey social game."
Adam: "I'm not really worried about it though, in general. I'll, I'll persevere."

Official CBS site for Survivor: Cook Islands
August 23, 2006: Officially revealed as a Survivor: Cook Islands contestant on CBS's The Early Show. From his official CBS bio:

   "Adam Gentry was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and eventually moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia where he attended Courtland High School and excelled in basketball. He attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he received a degree in marketing. While in college, he was very active in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

After college, Gentry moved to Richmond, Virginia, where he worked as a personal trainer for about six months. He then decided to pack up and move to San Diego. He currently sells copiers (his target market is churches). He hopes to move into medical sales.
    His hobbies include going out with friends, going to the beach, working out and playing sports.Gentry appeared on MTV's "The Grind" in 1999. His favorite sport is basketball. He also enjoys swimming.
   Gentry currently resides in San Diego. His birth date is August 21, 1978. "
MayanSun at Survivor Sucks
August 6, 2006: MayanSun ( releases Adam's last name: Gentry.

jazwinski at Survivor Sucks
July 12, 2006: New Survivor Sucks poster jazwinski joins the "I know a Survivor!" festivities:

"Adam, 27 yrs old. Tall, athletic, good looking, cocky, can be an a-hole. Works in sales."

And later on in the thread:
"Which Survivor would you say he most resembles in terms of personality? "
Thats a tough one, he (like probably a lot of other contestants) is super outgoing and energetic and friendly to everyone but when he's drained of food he might be totally different. He likes to command a social situation and be most outgoing, "alpha" of the group.

   'Do you think he has the potential to be the "villain" of the season?'
No, I see him as trying to be more of a 'funny jerk' than a 'mean jerk', know what I mean?

Oh, and he's originally from Virginia but now lives in SoCal (not an actor and not in LA)."

2006: Marginally informative data from Adam's MySpace page (not terribly difficult to find yourself):

- Lists his hometown as: Spotsylvania County, Virginia (currently living in Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA).
- Got his B.A. from Viriginia Tech in 2001, in Marketing.
- Lists his current occupation as "Outside sales," and, like every other person in P.B., he's a drinker.

As you might expect, there are a large number of pictures of Adam (mostly shirtless) on his MySpace, if you're so inclined.

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