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True Dork Times Survivor 15: China Spoilers
Episode 5: "Love Is in the Air" Filmed: July 7-9, 2007
Airdate: October 18, 2007
Episode 5: Summary | Switch | Hidden Idol | IC | Boot
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Survivor: China episode 5 spoiler/ speculation summary
Frosti and Sherea discover they're switched    With four players gone, the tribes will be shuffled around, in an attempt to randomly break up alliances. We'll see how that works. For those who want to look ahead, SurvivorSkills has who goes where.

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hidden idol    With no RC, will anyone be kidnapped by the "RC-winning" tribe? Seems unlikely. But nonetheless, DanieuBleau at SurvivorSkills seems confident that James will pick up a souvenir Hidden Idol before he leaves Fei Long. Although if he does, it seems unlikely they'll show it, since they're hyping it for the next episode, and not here.

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Erik, newly trunked and masked, jumps in   One of Probst's YouTube videos features the prep for and execution of this challenge. Apparently there is diving (now swimsuited), pulling and puzzling. And "reality", apparently from Zhan Hu taking a fall, in more ways than one.

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boot    Someone will be departing the show, for a (what's left of) 39-day vacation. Who will it be? SurvivorSkills says Aaron.

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