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True Dork Times Survivor 15: China Spoilers
Episode 3: "I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder!" Filmed: July 1-3, 2007
Airdate: October 4, 2007
Episode 3: Summary | RC| Hidden Idol | IC | Boot
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Survivor: China episode 3 spoiler/ speculation summary
reward challenge    With everyone needing clues to find a hidden immunity idol, there will be a reward challenge here. TV Guide says: "For a reward of comfort items, including pillows, blankets and a tarp, the two tribes are each given a boat and must defend it against attacks."

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hidden idol    Who will be kidnapped by the RC-winning tribe? Upon whom will the kidnapee bestow the clue? Will they figure out that the $1.50 Pier 1 coaster tacked to the beam is actually an immunity idol? Hard to say (we'd guess no). On the spoiler front, DanieuBleau from SurvivorSkills says that Zhan Hu wins the RC, and kidnaps Leslie.

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james chops   From the challenge board, this one is called "Blade Runner." TV Guide's episode listing has the following additional info about the challenge: "For immunity, the teams use wooden Chinese coins to solve a puzzle." For the winner, see below.

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dave out    Someone will be departing the show, for a (what's left of) 39-day vacation. Who will it be? SurvivorSkills says it will be Dave.

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