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True Dork Times Survivor 15: China Spoilers
Episode 1: "A Chicken's a Little Bit Smarter" Filmed: June 25-27, 2007
Airdate: September 20, 2007
Episode 1: Summary | Tribes | Arrival | IC | Boot | Challenge board
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Survivor: China episode 1 spoiler/ speculation summary
Tribes    Thanks to spoilers from SurvivorSkills and SurvivorFever, the S15 tribe names, flags and colors were known during filming. And thanks to SurvivorSkills, the composition of the tribes has already been revealed, as well.

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temple    With only sixteen contestants, two tribes, and no exile island, you'd think they'd need some way to fill the time at the start of the show. Apparently, instead of having a second challenge, they opted to show some local color instead for a change.

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Frosti in the first IC?   The immunity challenge (possibly with a combined reward), features massive Chinese dragon puppets, and will send one unlucky tribe (hint: the non-dragon one) to tribal council. Oddly, CBS has opted to virtually hide the first IC in their TV ads, instead favoring later challenges. Of course, with the boot known, we didn't really even need to see the challenge.

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chicken choked    Before the cast was officially revealed by CBS, SurvivorSkills (which had done most of CBS's heavy lifting in that department already) also had the first boot for you: Steve 'Chicken' Morris.

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final nine?    CBS has uploaded videos on YouTube (and AOL, and eventually on Innertube) featuring behind-the-scenes footage of Jeff Probst walking around, chatting with various SEG bigwigs. Within a few hours, a fine collective effort by the spoilers at Survivor Sucks had deciphered what looks like a list of the final nine contestants, and details about challenges for the rest of the show.

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