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Episode 0
Pre-show info

Filming runs June 23 - July 31, 2003
Airs Sept. 18 - Dec. 18, 2003

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Cast info (pre-release spoiling archive)
Probst's series description from S6 finale (edited for hype)
CBS: This fall, 16 new Survivors journey off the coast of Panama, to a land steeped in a bloody history of piracy. A hidden chain of more than a hundred tropical islands, located in the blue-green waters of Central America. These are the Pearl Islands.... For the first time, each tribe will have its own island and the marooning will be unlike anything experienced by the previous Survivors.
Date Story Source
September 4, 2003 fires a cannonball across SEG's bow, with a treasure trove of spoilers. Included among these are (chronologically):
- The contestants ate "cucarachas" (cockroaches).
- SEG had a creative definition of "reality" in its "marooning" at the start of the show, picking the contestants up in a boat after they swam a short distance, and setting up a fake marketplace at which the Survivors begged, bartered and... whatever. Shocking!
- The early pre-jury bootees housed at Perico were subjected to reduced rations and induced to exercise after being booted. This is because... one of them would be going back on the show. First in was Nicole, second probably Ryan S., third bootee was male, and an older woman (Lillian or Trish) joined them at some point.
- The pre-jury contestants then participated in a resurrection challenge, with the older woman winning. She then re-joined the game, and won another challenge, involving picking up heavy objects underwater (that challenge must be rigged for old people to win).
- Most importantly, there is the matter of the final three. A man just missed facing the jury, and the older woman who returned to the game faced the jury, against a younger woman.

August 27-28, 2003 Relatively new EZ poster It Must Be Bunnies finds this picture (at right) of the Drake tribe on's server. Later, TV Guide adds it to their show guide for S7.

Minutes before the Early Show's cast release on August 28, Antithesys found the unblocked cast picture and head shots from CBS's photo essay, all finally uploaded to the CBS site (trust us, they weren't there the night before).
- Survivor Sucks EZ board.
August 27, 2003
CBS sends out a blacked-out cast photo (at left, click to expand) to select Survivor site webmasters. Since we suck, we are not one of them, but those are the breaks.
- Various Survivor boards
August 18, 2003 Dan Bollinger posts the following on EZ:
(A) new twist may involve prior bootees coming back into play. For what its worth, this is a second-hand, unconfirmed rumor. I post it only because it is so unique.

"They said something about people who had been booted off teaming up and being given the chance to compete against the booters. This may compose a 3rd tribe or perhaps the opportunity to return someone to the game who had been voted off earlier. This could make for an interesting twist!"
- Survivor Sucks EZ board.
August 17-18, 2003
Griffe posts pictures of the aqua (Edit: Drake tribe) buff on EZ (click thumbnails at right to expand).

Later, SNN posts Griffe's digital photos (at right), and updates their tribe info: Morgan wears aqua, Drake wears orange, and the merged Balboa tribe is in black.

Note: Upon further review, Morgan is orange, Drake is blue. Eh, pretty close.
- Survivor Sucks EZ board.
- New photos, tribe color assignments:
- Updated colors: seen on ET, 8/27/03. Vidcapped by codayoda at EZ.
August 15, 2003 Newly-minted EZ poster panamavacation arrives, and lays out the following claims:
- The "marooning... unlike anything experienced by the previous Survivors" (Jeff Probst's words, above) will involve the contestants buying their own supplies, rather than being given things by CBS. PV says: "Some of the contestants purchased good survival items - not necessarily just food, but things that will help them find food once they are on the island. Others didn't do so good - thinking more short term, and only buying food. (This last bit of information, might be conjecture - I'm not sure)."
- Also: The final two will be "women. One older, one younger.... I also heard that the last one kicked off before the F2 was a man with a beard."
- Survivor Sucks EZ board
August 15, 2003 SNN releases another bevy of spoilers:
- The tribe names will be Drake and Morgan (presumably the original tribes) and Balboa (merged)
- The tribes' buff colors will be aqua and orange and black... not necessarily respectively.
- The first bootee is reported to be "a youngish athletic woman, about 5'6", with short ash or platinum blonde hair." The second is said to be "a young, tall, skinny guy, who looked younger than the girl, but very unhealthy." Technically, the info can only place these two as consecutive boots within the first two weeks, but first boots is a good starting assumption.
- SNN also clarifies that the "Perico" island the booted players were taken to features 12 cabins built by SEG, and that the island is a tiny one lying within the triangle formed by Saboga, Contadora and Bartolome.
August 6, 2003 makes landfall with a trunkload of spoiler booty:
- Confirms that filming of S7 ended July 31, as previously assumed.
- Reports that MB and crew liked las Islas Perlas so much that they'll be returning there to film the All-Star edition in November (maybe).
- Confirmed that Mogo Mogo and Gibraleon were the tribal islands.
- Filming took place at a marketplace on the island of Saboga.
- The getaway reward was filmed at Hacienda del Mar, on Isla San Jose. The family reward also returns for this series, and family members were housed at Hotel Punta Galeon on Contadora.
- Booted players were kept at a special SEG resort on an island called Perico.
July 6, 2003 Panama News reports that the local coast guard is being put to work protecting the islands from prying eyes. Three, including Bartolomé (known by SurvivorMaps to be the site of TC) are completely off limits, suggesting the remaining two (Mogo Mogo and Gibraleón) may be where the two tribes are camped.

"Vessels are banned from coming within a nautical mile and one-half of the islands of Bartolome, Mogo Mogo and Gibraleon , and there are also lesser restrictions on incursions and picture-taking around the western part of Saboga and the islands of Chapera, Boyarena, Bolano, Membrillo and Casaya. The restrictions will remain in effect until August 15."

- Panama News
June 26, 2003 SurvivorMaps receives higher-resolution photos of the nearly-complete tribal council set on Isla Bartolomé (as shown at left). Click here to see their full collection of TC shots.
- SurvivorMaps
June 14-15, 2003 Wezzie posts on the EZ S7+ board: "According to an official government document, SEG asked for permission to film between JUNE 23 AND AUGUST 23. They are using fourteen islands for the production."

Africandi follows up a few hours later (on 6/15) with: "today. they leave today."
- Survivor Sucks
June 12, 2003 publishes a longish article (in Spanish - translation by Griffe at SurvivorPhoenix), the first paragraph of which confirms an earlier report by SurvivorMaps:
"The Survivor production team has built some type of structure on the Bartolome Island which perhaps will be used as the Tribal Council where every week, a player is voted off the island, which in this case will be Contadora. According to information provided by people in the area, the production equipment is being shipped from the marina at Flamenco Island in Amador."
- (translated by Griffe).
June 1, 2003 Wezzie from SurvivorMaps posts pictures of the tribal council area, under contruction on Isla Bartolomé, at Survivor Sucks EZ board. It is "described as a fortress resembling Fort San Lorenzo of Portobelo, Panama." Pictures here. - SurvivorMaps
May 31, 2003 In the May 31-June 6 issue of TV Guide, Ileane Rudolph reports:
"But first the Survivor crew will head down to Panama's remote Pearl Islands for this fall's installment. Each tribe will inhabit its own small island in a remote archipelago that was once the haunt of Caribbean pirates. 'We're going to have penalties for losing a reward challenge,' says Probst. 'We want the feeling of unruliness.' Expect lots of underwater challenges in an area overrun with dangerous sea life."
- Ileane Rudolph, TV Guide
- Archived at Survivor Phoenix Resource Center
May 20, 2003 Wezzie from SurvivorMaps posts on EZ: "The Survivor scouting team has chosen the very small, privately owned, deserted island of Isla Bartolomé for the forthcoming Survivor production. The island is located only about half a mile North-East of Isla Contadora, the reported base of operations. Although there is heavy security on and around the island, construction was observed in progress." - SurvivorMaps
May 16, 2003 La Prensa reports the news (previously aired on the S6 finale) that S7 will be filmed in the Pearl Islands, Panama. Also confirms a previous SurvivorMaps report that Isla Contadora will be SEG's base of operations during filming:
"Although everything comes under a fabric of mystery and strict confidentiality, it has been possible to find out that the production crew is already working on the island of Contadora -- although the show won't necessarily be filmed there - - and that some people have been contracted for the shooting of the program."
- Jackie Souter, La Prensa (article now removed).
- Full text with translation by Griffe, archived at the Survivor Phoenix Resource Center.
May 14, 2003 Zap2It, from a press conference unveiling CBS's new fall 2003 schedule:
"Probst and Burnett had little to add about the show's seventh season, which will head to the Pearl Islands off the coast of Panama. Probst promised more challenges in the water, an ongoing theme involving piracy and the biggest and most impressive tribal council area yet. He noted that the casting was already complete."

Potential castmembers
Note: Know a member of the cast? Email us here, anonymity guaranteed.
Contestant Name, info Evidence for being on the show Evidence against Overall boot odds
Female contestant
Toledo, OH
- As reported by The Peoples Champ at Survivor Sucks, a WTOL (Toledo) anchor mentioned the Monday after the S6 finale that a Toledo area resident would be on the next Survivor. - No reason to doubt TPC's word, and local news has slipped up before in such announcements. Still, no verification from external sources yet.
Episode 1 Overall
- -
Trish Dunn
42, Annapolis, MD
Runner, church volunteer
- Found by SNN, August 25, 2003. -
Episode 1 Overall
- -
Darrah Johnson
22, Liberty, MS
- Found by SNN, August 11, 2003. Multiple sources contributing. -
Episode 1 Overall
- -

Michelle Tesauro
22, Pittstown, NJ

- Found by SNN, August 11, 2003. -
Episode 1 Overall
- -
Osten Taylor
27, Durham, NH
(now in Boston, MA)
- Found by SNN, August 11, 2003.
- Supported by a post at EZ by Carmine Rose, naming an "Austin Taylor," possibly misspelled, from New England.
Episode 1 Overall
- -

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