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Episode 9
"Swimming with Sharks"

Filmed July 17-19, 2003
Airs November 20, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: Having trouble sleeping, Rupert finds a spot on a log near camp and has a heart-to-heart chat with a faraway loved one.
- A trip to fetch water becomes an opportunity for one pair, with questionable fates, to hatch a new plan and turn the tide in their favor. Will their powers of persuasion work?
- Lillian has a slight anxiety attack.
- One castaway gives selflessly to another.
TV Guide: One player has an anxiety attack during a Reward Challenge, two castaways whose fates are in jeopardy hatch a plan to turn things in their favor.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ A vaguely pirate-like obstacle course - Rupert (and Jon) win?
Looks like it's time for the traditional obstacle course with nets. Although this time, the netting and poles look vaguely ship-like, making this a Whole. New. Challenge. Wheee!!! Looks like four compete at once, and they do so in pairs. The teams appear to be Rupert-Jon, Sandra-Tijuana, Burton-Lillian and Darrah-Christa. Rupert-Jon are shown competing against both the Sandra-T team, and the Burton-Lill team. So chances are that this is done in heats, and one of those groupings is the finalists. Since Lillian is also visible competing against Christa, that suggests the last paired face-off is Rupert-Jon versus Lillian-Burton. Somewhat surprising (well-fed) Lillian would make the finals (although she's with the equally well-fed Burton, and the competition was Christa and Darrah). Who wins? Well, hard to say for sure, but you might expect the Burton-Lill duo to have trouble against Rupert-Jon. And it would make sense, if Rupert gets booted this episode, for another challenge win to help stir the pot against him. Yeah... we'll go with that. Unless something better comes along.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Intrigue: Hi Uncle! ("Camerman" below net)

Suspense: Will Darrah appear in this episode?

Oh, the subtlety of CBS's attempts at subliminal suggestion!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Blow darts - Lillian wins
The golf picture-in-picture promo, captured by SurvivorPhoenix (smaller caps below) shows the target, as well as a reaction shot from Sandra (who doesn't look pleased). The text from the ad described this challenge as "kill or be killed," suggesting it involves shooting to eliminate other players. So, just about anyone could theoretically win, although those on the chopping block are less likely to do so. We'll go with Lillian, who did well with slingshots, and shockingly isn't much of a target.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Uh, no Lill. That's not exactly what we meant by "blow" darts.

Hooray! A challenge in which my mouth is useful!

Uh oh, I'm talking again. Must... stay... awake....
BOOT/ Rupert
Mr411 predicted several weeks ago that this week's boot appears to be Rupert. The True Dork Times and SurvivorPhoenix have learned that this is likely true. Still waiting confirmation from the all-important third source, but we can at least say we're leaning toward a Rupert boot at this point.

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