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Episode 8
"Shocking! Simply Shocking!"

Filmed July 14-16, 2003
Airs November 13, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: A couple of Survivors are shocked by an electric stingray.
- A sudden bounty of food for some causes energy levels to rise, egos to clash, suspicions to fester and one group of castaways to plan a coup. Will it work?
- Two castaways, an unlikely couple, enjoy a private reward.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Plate smashing? - Rupert wins?

We know the reward is "A private reward," enjoyed by "an unlikely couple." Any couple that includes Jon, almost universally despised, could be considered "unlikely." Okay, Lill and Jon would border on extremely unlikely. But anyway, only one challenge is (clearly) shown in the promos so far, and we can't really tell if it's the RC or the IC. This challenge, which involves using slingshots to smash three plates (per player) attached to makeshift masts, we'll call the RC. We realize that there is a dark object below Rupert's waistline that could be the immunity sword in the arrival pictures (thanks to SurvivorFever for the caps), but it doesn't really resemble the one shown in the previous episode all that much. Without the video from this one-time aired commercial to go on (thanks, CBS!), we can't really say one way or the other. So we'll call that a shadow (or, as SS Magic Mark pointed out at MeSS, Rupert's hatchet), and not a sword, making this the RC.

We do see Rupert standing with two different backgrounds, however: Once chuckling in front of Sandra and the Morgans, the other aiming, with just Jon in the background. If this is the usual plate-smashing RC, it's possible Rupert and Jon are the last two standing. Or it's possible Rupert is chuckling after losing (see above-referenced MeSS thread for back-and-forth discussion). Not really too much to go on, so we'll just guess randomly that the shooting pic is late in the challenge. If so, it might seem sporting if one won (probably Rupert, since he's featured, and since people start plotting against him), and chose the other to accompany him for the reward. On that flimsy foundation, we'll guess Rupert wins, and takes Jon along for the ride.
But we wouldn't bet the farm on that.

REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Because pirates ALWAYS smash plates attached to masts...

Smashy smashy!

Little Jon versus Rupert?

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Trivia (yawn)- someone (Burton?) wins
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We're not entirely convinced this is a separate challenge, but SurvivorFever has caps showing Rupert holding the traditional Survivor trivia cube. His hair is significantly more stringy than in the slingshot pictures, and it's difficult to believe that even Rupert could work up a sweat firing slingshots. Either way, chances are RyanO doesn't win. Probably Burton, further fulfilling his own grandiose prophecy about winning all the individual immunities, and throwing a wrench into Sandra's plotting. It could also be Rupert, since he's the only one shown. Although Burton probably needs a win here more than Rupert does, so we'll go with that.
BOOT/ Ryan O Lillian
Once again, Mr411's boot order, posted several weeks ago, seems quite logical. There are two reasons to play up plots against Rupert in the previews for an episode in which it's unlikely he's booted: (1) It distracts from the obvious targeting of ex-Morgans, from strongest to weakest (which would be Ryno this week), and (2) It prepares the audience for a possible Rupert boot the next week.

Snewser has uncovered information suggesting Mr411's "flight list" for the family visit reward (in Ep10) is essentially accurate (despite Mr411's erroneous claim that Laura Boneham flew back early). The list includes friends and family members for everyone still in the game, except RyanO. (Six are obvious, the others are: Dan Fields = Jon, as suggsted by MarinaSiena on EZ; and William Shell = Tijuana, as pointed out by KLicK at Blows). While one of those eight people will still get booted in Ep9, it still means Ryno is indeed toast this week.

But then... shocking! It appears to be Lillian. Snewser thinks so too. Is there another twist next week?

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