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Episode 6
"Me and My Snake"

Filmed July 8-10, 2003
Airs October 23, 2003

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Ep6 promo vidcaps
CBS Ep6 web promo
CBS video: Michelle's final words, 2, 3, 4.
Episode descriptions
CBS: One castaway has a heartwarming chat with an ailing snake. A real snake, literally.
- After a closely battled Reward Challenge, the winning tribe sinks their teeth into a bounty that heats up their camp and revitalizes their spirits.
- While looting the losing tribe's camp after a Reward Challenge, a visiting castaway makes a stunning confession.
- Immunity weighs on two Survivors, who must carry the fates of their tribes on their shoulders.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Things that go boom on the beach - Drake wins?
Lobster and steak appear to be the bounty (despite pre-game claims they were not given food). Shooting cannons is the means. Osten and Trish seem pleased with their shooting. With two whole shots to go on, all we can speculate is that the blue cannon shown firing in the web promo is indicative of a Drake win. Unless it isn't.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Andrew attempts to take out early 2004 Presidential state-by-state projections, the only way he knows how.

We've secretly replaced Christa's cannonball with Michelle. Let's see if she noticed the difference.

Yeah! Osten managed not to screw up a challenge!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Ox boy up! - Morgan wins
"Immunity weighs on two Survivors, who must carry the fates of their tribes on their shoulders." Looks like three load-bearers (and two loaders) per tribe, presumably with the last tribe standing winning immunity (similar to the S2 "Water Torture" challenge). Pirates always stand around bearing huge loads, you know. Anyway, Andrew is shown collapsing, and Christa and Rupert are grimacing. But Ryan O. is shown making what is either a celebratory gesture (he appears to be smiling) or entering into Hulk-like rage at losing the challenge. Hard to tell. He looks happy, but you'd think some of the other Morgans would be congratulating him if he'd just won. Maybe a Morgan win.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Always look on the bright side of life...

Why yes, thank you, Jon. That's very helpful.

I'm going to Disneyworld!
BOOT/ Trish

Another week made more difficult by the looming threat of returned players. The seeming post-merge Morgan dominance suggests it will be another Drake, though.

Rupert is probably safe, if only because of another week of over-the-top previews. Plus there's the whole naming the merge tribe after his snake deal. We were under the impression he'd be out by this week, but we suppose Ep7 might do in a pinch. The rewording of the betrayal part in the promos ("Can Rupert overcome a brazen act of betrayal?") does raise the possibility of a boot right here, though.

Trish is another possibility. As noted by JLude at Blows, the CBS website has an error on Trish's page this week. While that's most likely just an error, it does remind us that there's still one more week for pre-merge bootees, and that Trish is still a viable candidate for the older woman who gets booted then returns to the game. Like Burton and Michelle, she's had very little face time so far, consistent with people who will be further examined post-merge. Also, it would make more sense that Trish, would team up with Morgan (the tribe that didn't boot her) to go all the way to the final two, as opposed to Lillian, who would need an alliance with the same people who ignored and booted her in the first go round.

Christa could also be on the block. Rupert is shown cutting a deal of some kind with Shawn, and Michelle and Burton both listed Christa as their enemy. This would require pulling in a fourth vote, such as Sandra, perhaps, but we suppose it's possible. She's the only Drake shown in both challenge shots, and if she's the reason Drake loses the IC, she makes herself a target.

Jon and Shawn would appear ironically safe, since they're openly fighting in the promos. (Hearken back to Ep2 previews: Rupert vs. Shawn, RyanS booted; Ep3: Jon vs. Sandra, Lillian booted; Ep4: Jon vs. Shawn, Burton booted; Ep5). Still, if someone is going to launch a "brazen act of betrayal" against Rupert, it might figure to be Shawn, ostensibly to save his own skin, as the last member standing of the alliance with Burton and Michelle. So if Rupert doesn't go, Shawn would be the logical alternate boot in that showdown. Then again, ET seems to think Jon is in trouble.

Finally, there's RyanO. We're becoming less convinced he doesn't make the merge, partially because it's hard to boot people who are barely there in the first place. But if Morgan somehow ends up at TC again, he might be the one to go, especially if Ryan's shoulders lose the IC.

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