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Episode 5
"Everyone's Hero"

Filmed July 5-7, 2003
Airs October 16, 2003

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Ep5 promo vidcaps
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CBS video: Burton's final words, 2, 3, 4.
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Episode descriptions
TV Guide: -Tempers flare in one tribe when the men decide to build a shower that requires everyone to bathe out in the open.
CBS: - A rising tide threatens to wash away one tribe’s shelter.
- While looting the losing tribe’s camp after the Reward Challenge, one castaway bonds with the opposing tribe.
- Though acting out of loyalty to the tribe, one Survivor fears being seen as disloyal.
- One castaway’s failure to follow through with the tribe’s Immunity Challenge strategy leads to a very close, tense, gut-wrenching finish.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ A race for a water tank - Drake wins
If someone's building a shower that pisses off the women, you'd think Jon would be involved in some capacity. The web promo shows that the shower (a barrel of water on a wooden tower) is likely the reward. There appear to be assorted jugs sitting next to the tower as well. The challenge appears to involve a race on sea and land to retrieve rungs for color-coded ladders, the sides of which are shown at the tribes' feet (or leaning against the tower) at the start of the challenge. This includes canoe races (to retrieve the crates that Shawn and Rupert are shown diving in to un-tether) and some land-based parts to the course (Andrew is shown running away from the beach, and Michelle (?) is running through the forest). Since they're building ladders, the goal is probably to climb the tower and get water. The scene of Rupert hugging Ryan O. with Osten and Probst looking on may come at the end of the sea leg (with Andrew taking off running), rather than at the end of the challenge, as it might otherwise appear. Morgan probably has a hefty lead at that point, though, unless Rupert just really likes Ryan (no Drakes are visible in the background, as they should be if it were close).

So the question is: can Morgan still lose challenges if they have Rupert?
It's possible. Probst claimed that Rupert could take part in the reward if Morgan won it, but he appears to be signaling to Morgan while wandering off with Sandra at the end of the challenge. Also, Sandra's hair looks pretty clean in her confessional about Rupert being on the other tribe. Suggestive of a Drake win.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

The two tribes try to stifle yawns as Probst drones on. And on. Ladder sides leaning on tower.

And they're off... shower-to-be at left; ladders-to-be at their feet.

Yeah! Morgan power!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Gross food challenge: Seafood smoothie roulette! - Morgan wins
So they're bringing back the ritual consumption of things that really shouldn't be eaten. Yawn. About the only interesting thing here is the return of Rupert to Drake. Ho hum. Oh, and the return of the wheel from S2, which was also a challenge at which the game's eventual winner puked. The challenge appears to involve a roulette wheel with two markers, and slots marked with various seafood delicacies ("Red shellfish," for example). All get pureed in Probst's blender and served in a glass. Yum! One tribe wins. From the looks of Jon's head flopping onto Christa's shoulder as they watch from the sidelines, it may not be Drake, unless they're just enjoying the fumes, or the regurgitation, or both.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Wheel! Of! Torture!

Pokey looks on as Probst blends the rest of him.

Well, that didn't look any better coming back up than it did going down.
BOOT/ Christa Michelle
It's Michelle.

may be the choice of the Drakes who want to keep Jon around (as a human shield, presumably). She was a target in Ep4, and seemed legitimately worried. Could someone else beyond Jon have been waffling? No, she's safe.

Michelle would be another obvious Drake victim. She's the only person left who voted for Christa, and that has to count for something. She's the smallest on her tribe, as well. Yup, she's toast.

is also now a bootable commodity. He claims alliances with everyone on his tribe, but the revelation that Shawn voted for Burton may clue Christa in that Jon really can't be trusted. His drunken giddiness at the prior TC probably did little to inspire warm fuzzy feelings in his tribemates, either (that would have been the whiskey, not Jon). He's ready to take his fall. Unless all those pictures of Jon in the intro are there for a reason.

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