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Episode 3
"United We Stand, Divided We...?"

Filmed June 29 - July 1, 2003
Airs October 2, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: - Two Survivors decide not to join their tribe on a search for buried treasure, raising suspicions about what they are doing with their alone time.
- Trying to make a decision for the tribe, Jon insults Sandra, and a screaming match erupts.
- One Survivor loses an item that is crucial to the tribe's survival, inciting the tribe's fury.
- A painfully physical Immunity Challenge leaves the fate of two Survivors in the hands (literally) of their fellow tribe members.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Sink, sink, sink yer boat - Drake wins
Okay, the two sets of boats confused us. But both sets of boat shots appear to belong to this challenge, which the TV ads place as the reward challenge. Distance caps of Probst show no presence of Pokey the immunity idol, so this is likely the case. As for who wins, Drake ought to win such a challenge easily, especially with Jon and Michelle sitting out. And by the looks of Michelle's exuberant backflip, that seems likely to be the case. We see a dejected Morgan tribe trudging home after what appears to be this challenge. Drake then is shown using one of the boats from this challenge, presumably along with another piece of the treasure map, to look for their treasure chest. The web promo suggests (weakly) they might find it. Let's hope it's not Pandora's box.

REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Osten, getting a bit tipsy...

Things are flippin' great for Drake?
Morgan trudges home again, empty-handed?

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Hang the tribemate, hang the tribemate - Drake wins
The CBS web bullets promise "A painfully physical Immunity Challenge leaves the fate of two Survivors in the hands (literally) of their fellow tribe members" (as opposed to, say, the extremely physical RC). New TV ads show Michelle giving a thumbs-up sign while harnessed into a tripod structure. This would explain the "fate... in the hands... of their fellow tribe members" part, if they have to do something to move her/ keep her up there. What's odd is the glum looks on Drake as they march with their flag, which one might presume is before the challenge. And chances are it probably is. All we know about the challenge is that it's physical. Drake will be able to sit two people again, and still have tiny Michelle in the harness for hoisting purposes. Their three strong men can compete once again, and in physical challenges they've been more than a match for Morgan so far. Unless Burnett does something screwy with the challenge, making it such that only Lillian can win it (competitive knot tying, alas, isn't particularly physical though).

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

A challenge so secret, we just know Probst says go...

Oh, and that Michelle is ready to have her fate in her tribe's hands

Why are these people so grumpy-looking? Chances are, they probably won't be for long.
BOOT/ Lillian
But I'm not dead yet! Shut up, yes you are!
Tough week this one. The title suggests that the internal divisions within Drake may finally cause it to tear apart, as Samburu did in Ep3 of S3. Or will it be a rerun of Maraamu in S4, where the pitiful loser tribe continued an undending string of challenge losses? Tough to say, without seeing anything useful about how the IC works. But a safe bet would be: if it's physical, the Mountain Man and Hans and Franz should once again overmatch the also-rans in Morgan. If so, the obvious boot for Morgan would be Lillian. Yes, the smart move would be to give their "leader," Andrew, his pink slip, but this is Morgan we're talking about here. They'll do what he tells them.

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