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Episode 2
"To Quit or Not Quit"

Filmed June 26-28, 2003
Airs Sept. 25, 2003

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Ep2 promo vidcaps
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CBS video: Nicole's final words, 2, 3, 4.
Markopolo's Insider transcripts
Episode descriptions
CBS: - When one tribe wins the first Reward Challenge, they learn of a new twist: one member may visit the losing tribe's island to pillage and loot one item from their supplies!
- A tribe is stunned when one Survivor confesses a desire to quit the game.
- Rupert, Morgan tribe's "Blackbeard," goes into a rage after learning that a tribemate has lost something crucial to Morgan's survival, but is determined to recover it at all costs.
- It's a desperate battle of mind and body for Immunitiy, where every last second will decide the winner in a photo finish you must see to believe.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Pearl (Islands) diving- Drake wins
It's not immediately obvious what this challenges involves (it looks, apart from the clothes, remarkably similar to the IC below), but it appears to eventually involve pulling a treasure chest out of the water. Since Ryan O. is shown running toward the water, part of it may involve people diving for and retrieving things one player at a time. Drake has Christa, who swims "like a dolphin," while Morgan is stuck with Osten, who charitably describes himself as "not a strong" swimmer. Osten is likely the tribe member who has trouble in the water, possibly requiring help from the crew (as reported by Vanillaslave on EZ, and later hinted at by Probst). With the emphasis on plundering the losers' camp, and the later focus on a Morgan member wanting to quit, it seems a straightforward guess that Morgan loses this one. (Intro shots of Lillian and Rupert swimming probably come from this challenge as well. Hopefully they get to keep the diving masks). No doubt Ryan S. will get blamed again.

REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version
Ryan grits his teeth... for nothing, again.

Because Drake has their treasure chest.

Cheer up, Andrew. We have to watch this crap, too, ya know.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Heave ho! - Drake wins again
This one looks a little simpler to call. While the challenge itself looks complicated, involving pulling a raft (possibly the other tribe's) onto the beach, and presumably up into a hexagonal area further up the sand (shown behind Morgan in the caps below). Luckily, promo shots obviate the need to spend too much time thinking about this, especially since the CBS ad copy promises a "photo finish." Vidcaps below clearly place the raft-tugging as the IC, due to the presence of the happy-go-lucky impaled skull idol (we like to call him "Pokey"). Conveniently, rhe intro shot of an ecstatic Jon leaping into (Burton's?) arms also appears to match this challenge, giving us the likely winner. Tijuana's tear-soaked intro shot (while pulling) matches this challenge, as well. Not that the internal feuding at Drake and the alleged Morgan quitter won't be used to distract us from this outcome.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version
Trying to haul Mark Burnett's massive ego onto the beach can be tough.

Well, at least he doesn't have any liquor in him. Maybe.

There's just too much drama on this tribe. And not enough winning. Not yet, anyway.
BOOT/ Ryan S.
Survivornews.net reported descriptions of two consecutive bootees, possibly the first two, several weeks before the cast list was released. The first bootee is reported to be "a youngish athletic woman, about 5'6", with short ash or platinum blonde hair." The second is said to be "a young, tall, skinny guy, who looked younger than the girl, but very unhealthy." Since Nicole is now gone, the next bootee must be the young skinny guy.

Ryan S. appears not long for the game, both in his desire for McDonald's food and his general emaciated, bug bite-ridden appearance. That and his isolation from the rest of the tribe, and perceived (by Andrew, anyway) lack of effort. Plus he's a perfect match for the male bootee described in the SNN tip. He might also be a good guess as the volunteer for booting, especially if Andrew's "motivational" speeches ("It's all that Ryan S.'s fault! Sure, I was busy stripping, but he's skinny!") keep up. Too bad Jon wasn't on Morgan, so he could have seen teenage girls like Andrew.

Of course, it's also possible that someone else wants to quit. Since Andrew is the one complaining about it, the only other options are Osten and Ryan O. It's possible Osten gets overwhelmed, what with all the drowning, and the palm-frond snakes, and such. He also looks to be the person in the "Who quits?" vidcap. We suspect the promo shot with Osten and Andrew on the beach, in which Osten says "Hell, no!" may be Andrew questioning Osten on his intentions. Even so, since he in no way matches SNN's description of the second bootee, he must not get his wish to be booted. Ryan O. is possible, but this would seem to reverse his easygoing, group-nudity conformist persona from the first episode. So we'll stick with Mr. Shoulders for now, for the boot.

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