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Episode 13
"Flames and Endurance"

Filmed July 28-31, 2003
Airs December 14, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: Letters from home bring a Survivor to tears, but one tribemate sees it as an opportunity to turn the rest of the tribe against that person.
- A twist in the final stretch brings an unexpected battle for the Final Four.
- Thirty-nine days ago they swam ashore on the Pearl Islands with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Darrah, Jon, Lillian and Sandra have made it this far, but only one will win. Who will be the Sole Survivor?
TV Guide: The final four castaways are reduced to two and the jury votes for the winner.
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ET preview
Aired Dec. 12, 2003
Probst: Rise and shine, Day 37 is here.
Lillian: Oh!
Voiceover: The winner will be announced on the three-hour season finale, airing Sunday night at 8. Meanwhile, Lill may have her eyes on more than just the million-dollar reward.
Lill: I love that man (gazing at Probst).
Sandra: It goes from good to bad.
Lill (ignoring her): I wonder if he'd like to join a troop?

Post-Ep12 TV preview
Aired December 11, 2003

Voiceove): The Survivor castaways were thrown overboard with the just the clothes on their backs. It began with 16, now it's down to four. Who will be the ultimate Survivor? Darrah...
Darrah: Hell, I dunno, I'm not even gonna be here.
Voiceover: Lill, the Scoutmaster.
Lill: I have to keep going.
Voiceover: Sassy Sandra.
Sandra (from Ep3): I can get loud too, what the f?
Voiceover: Or Survivor's most notorious liar, Jonny Rotten?
Jon: I'm the king of men, and they're women.
Sandra (from Ep3): He's an ass.
Voiceover: Don't miss... (blah blah blah)
Probst (at TC): It should be a fun finish.


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