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Episode 12

Filmed July 26-28, 2003
Airs December 11, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: One castaway sabotages the tribe's survival efforts in order to seek revenge.
- Two overconfident castaways celebrate over a feast. But will the celebration last?
- Conversations lead to a game of He Said, She Said. But is anyone telling the truth?
- When the unexpected happens, everyone is sent scrambling.
REWARD CHALLENGE/ GMC Envoy XUV Product Placement - Burton wins
For two overconfident castaways to enjoy a feast, one of them must win the RC (which, in S6, carried with it a picnic lunch, in addition to the vehicle). Since the two overconfident castaways are clearly Jon and Burton, that helps narrow it down. Especially since Jon is unlikely to win anything on his own. The challenge itself appears to involve things seen in previous challenges (shockingly), including entering a "cell" (Jon, Lill), following orientation-type directions (presumably to dig something up - Sandra), and shooting a slingshot (Burton). Since Burton wins, we'd guess the shooting bit comes near the end.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Once again, Survivor ads are prone to exaggeration.

As long as this doesn't involve strength, knots, shooting or swimming, I'm totally set.

Sweet, I can almost break the windshield from here.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Plank walking... Darrah wins?
This one, on the face of it, looks like a challenge that almost anyone could win. The cutlass is visible off to the side, so this would appear to be the IC. Five watery rows (and columns) of posts with planks tied to them. As Sam Buru points out at MeSS, Jon is carrying his canteen as he wobbles across his plank. Upon closer inspection, so are Darrah and Sandra. And if you look closely, you'll notice glass jars lashed to each main pole, and people bending down into the water (i.e. Sandra in Jon's stumble pic). Could filling the jars have something to do with retrieving keys to unlock each plank? Presumably, use your key to unlock the plank, lower it, and advance to the next post. First across wins immunity. In the earliest shot, everyone but Jon seems to have a plank down. Later on, Lill, Darrah, Burton and Sandra appear to have two each. Who wins? Good question. Darrah again? Sandra?
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

We wish. No this is just the Ep12 IC. Lill, Darrah, Burton with two planks down, Sandra lowering her second.

Darrah starts walking the plank.

Behind in the challenge, Jon impersonates a pole. Sandra and Lill lowering their next planks.
BOOT/ Burton
For Lill and Darrah to reach the final two, they would seem to need to band together with Sandra for this vote, ousting one of the guys. Burton would seem to be the obvious choice for first boot here, unless he can pull out an immunity win. Because, as Sandra said, Jon is... just like a girl. Plus, Jon is all over the finale promo. And since the big guy, "guaranteed" to make the final two, has just won himself a ride, at least he'll be receiving it as a nice parting gift.

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