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Episode 11
"Would You Be My Brutus Today?"

Filmed July 23-25, 2003
Airs December 4, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: The great lie continues to affect the decisions of castaways who believed Jon when he swore on his grandmother's grave.
- A luxurious strategy session enjoyed spa-style, with food, massages, showers and privacy, is spoiled by one castaway.
- Faltering alliances and redrawn allegiances leave no one safe, pushing one castaway to ask another, "You're not gonna betray me, right?"
- There's nothing like a guy in silk pajamas proclaiming what a great date he is!
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Super Challenge? - Jon/Lill/Darrah win?
Two challenges are shown. One involves shooting replica blunderbuss guns, the other appears to be the traditional "Super Challenge," comprised of pieces of previous ones. We originally liked the shotting challenge for RC, but as several people have noted (and we tried to ignore), Lill is sporting a new top at that one. So Lill is apparently the reward winner, getting a trip and a top, and the shooting challenge must happen second. The winners get a plane trip to, as SNN reported in early August, Hacienda del Mar on San Jose, and a man won this reward, and took a guest

As louie77 and Griffe point out on EZ that Jon's "not just a pretty face" confessional in the web promo has a structure in the background, suggesting it was taken at the reward site. So that suggests at least Jon and Lill are winners. Can we try for three? The post-Ep10 preview said "a few lucky castaways" get to enjoy the reward, and we see Jon, Darrah and Lill running down the beach together. If they're a team, and they win, that might explain Burton throwing his hands up disgustedly. And the luxurious reward might be "spoiled" in Jon's eyes by the presence of Mrs. Third Wheel Morris. But he did promise a threesome, didn't he?

REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

(Okay, I've been practicing this line all day. Don't screw it up, don't screw it up). Survivors ready? Go! (Yes! Nailed it!)

We got your menage-a-trois right here, Mr. Fairplay!

Gasp! A physical challenge with no Burton victory? And there's not even spelling involved?
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Super Challenge? - Darrah wins?
Darrah looks to be in just as much trouble this week as Tijuana was last week, but she somehow gets to the final two. Could she pull off two wins in a row? Maybe. But Burton is a solid favorite for anything involving targets. He's shown hitting a target, although it's not the one shown in close-up (which would be Darrah's, with a burned-out Christa one behind it). While there are three rows of six targets each, a single player's targets do not appear to be grouped together. This suggests the challenge might be yet another eliminate-the-competition one. If so, unless Burton can run the table as well as he did with blowguns, he might have to fight to stay in, while Darrah might slip through. Eh, too many variables, but someone wins. We'll guess Darrah.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

It is time to give thanks. Unfortunately, one of those three will be two hours long.

Picture Jon's head... picture Jon's head...

Or there's always Probst...
BOOT/ Christa
As Survivor Phoenix posted, Darrah and Lill are safe. Jon is way too obvious (and the promo specifically asks if someone will "finally take him down" - the answer to such questions is always "no"). That leaves Burton, Sandra and Christa vulnerable. Since Jon will be using his grandmother's imaginary grave as proof of intent again this week, Burton is probably also safe. So we're down to Sandra and Christa. One of these was played up as the boot in the previous week's ads, only to escape unscathed.

That would be Christa.

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