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Episode 10
"The Great Lie"

Filmed July 20-22, 2003
Airs Wed., November 26, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: One of the most heated Survivor arguments ever ends with one castaway declaring the other a sworn enemy.
- Christa is accused of sabotaging the food supply. But is it a false accusation?
- Despite the tension of competition, a touching gesture of compassion marks the Reward Challenge.
- No one is safe as conspiracies and overheard conversations fuel the insecurities of every castaway prior toTC. Who will be next to go?
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Family visit - Jon ends up with the reward
As Mr411 described several weeks ago, and Snewser confirmed more recently, the family visit likely falls on the first day of this episode. Visiting will be: Dan Fields (Jon's wrestling buddy); Lonnie Morris (Lill's husband); DeeDee Roberts (Burton's mom); William Shell (for Tijuana); Marcus Twine (Sandra's husband); Peter Waydo (Christa's then-fiance); and Bradley Williams (Darrah's boyfriend). (See the above-linked threads for additional details). The challenge itself looks like it may be another question-and-answer quiz, matching contestant/family responses, since the Survivors have what looks like slates (with chalk and an eraser) with them while they're weeping. With 27 years of marriage, and lots of Jon-hugging, it's reasonable to guess Lill wins this, but it looks like Jon ends up enjoying the reward, which appears to be some period of time away from camp with his "loved one." Not bad for merely honing his acting skills for the wrestling world.
REWARD CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Whaddya mean the WWE still doesn't want Jonny Fairplay, Deadly Dan? *sniff*

Tijuana: Hooray! Does this mean you're leaving for the day, Jon?

Okay, that's enough, Jon, really. Jon? Uh, Jon, let me remind you, I have a machete.
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Oh joy, a puzzle! - Sandra stripped, Christa wins (or vice-versa)
*Yawn.* So what's this gibberish about immunity being stripped away for the first time? Well, considering the challenge looks like the non-physical portion of Brian's classic "RAOD TRIP" short-lived almost-victory, we'll guess the "stripping" comes after some dimwit produces an incorrect answer, Probst calls it good, and someone else protests. As PhillyBrat posted at Blows, Probst admitted as much in a radio interview, saying he had "egg on his face" for making a bad initial call.

The challenge, as noted by O2Dawg at Blows, and Really Evil Twin, Sam Buru and BJ at MeSS, appears to be a simple game of making words from the letters in "survivor pearl islands." (They may be limited to using a specific number of letters in each slot). Looks like there are roughly 20 slots for words (two columns of 10 each). In the first overhead shot, Sandra has one word in her left-hand column. Later (presumably, unless Sandra is particularly slow), we see Lill and Christa. Lill has 11 words (one in the right column, finishing the tenth in her left column), while Christa is hauling ass, finishing her 14th word (either "slave" or "slaved"). Who wins? Well, Christa looks pretty close to finishing, and whoever does so first obviously doesn't win. But we'll go with Sandra being first, celebrating, then looking pensive, because her buff appears to get shifted around at some point (in anger/nervousness?). So maybe Christa eventually wins, or Lill?
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE pictures/ Click on thumbnails above for larger version

Probst: Just to remind you, there is a 24-hour time limit to this challenge. Survivors ready? Go!

Oh no. The producers gave me the answer key, and I still can't figure this thing out. Where's the beer?

Christa winces in embarrassment, after showing up at the challenge in the same outfit as Lill.
BOOT/ Tijuana
As posted by Charlie the Big Dog at Sucks, Probst said some interesting things in a radio interview this week:
- "He called this season's contestants' strategies "flakey" and noted how everyone keeps flip flopping, and how we'll see a lot more flip flopping before the season ends."
- "Said that being indecisive is one of the most common reasons why someone gets booted, points at Christy Smith as an example, and says it will cost someone this season."

While Probst doesn't make any claims that this happens this week, the discussion was of this week's events, so it seems likely it could be. With this in mind, someone part of two alliances could easily be this week's "surprise" boot. The two functioning now are the Darrah-Tijuana-Lill-Jon-Burton one formed last week (which therefore can't last), and the women's alliance formed two weeks ago, which so far has been UTR. Who's in both? Darrah and Tijuana (possibly Lill). Since rumors abound of Darrah (and Lill) going farther than this, T looks like the Christy-in-training.

So Tijuana, who we note had a sudden "thumbs down" performance on the SNN Scorecard this week, may have been prophetic when she says "this is not a good situation" in the promo.

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