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Episode 1
"Beg, Barter, Steal"

Filmed June 23-25, 2003
Airs Sept. 18, 2003 (90-minute premiere).

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Episode description
TVGuide: After the deep-sea plunge, the two tribes, Morgan and Drake, swim to a village to buy supplies before traveling to their respective camps.
ARRIVAL/ Marooning without supplies, bartering
Various entertainment/news shows on 8/28 revealed part of the allegedly novel marooning strategy. Contestants were told to dress for a press conference, in a way in which they wanted to present themselves to America. Some men wore suits, some women dresses and heels. After assembling the group on the boat, Probst tells them the game has begun, and they have to jump overboard, taking with them only the clothes on their backs. Well, that, the 100 balboa, the small life raft, and the challenge shoes all shipwreck victims usually receive. (Sequence shown below).
ARRIVAL pictures: Click thumbnails below for larger versions

How they then acquire supplies and food was first revealed by Survivor Sucks EZboard poster Panamavacation, who describes Panama locals telling a story of the castaways having to shop at a market for their supplies: "Some of the contestants purchased good survival items - not necessarily just food, but things that will help them find food once they are on the island. Others didn't do so good - thinking more short term, and only buying food."

VILLAGE TRIP pictures: Click thumbnails below for larger versions.

Several pieces of independent info support this story. Survivornews.net reports that filming took place in a marketplace on Isla Saboga. In the ET preview, the voiceover says that "the sixteen (castaways) must scavenge for all their food, or barter with the local natives." Additionally, several sharp-eyed posters have pointed out that a number of castaways are shown in camp wearing hats they were not wearing while jumping overboard. Images from recent CBS commercials show Tijuana and Nicole running through a village, dripping wet, with locals in the background. Both are in the (wet, but relatively clean) clothes they jumped off the ship in. Tijuana is also seen trailing Andrew and the mini-life raft the Morgan tribe is given, in a similar village environment. This suggests that, as Panamavacation stated, the trip to the village is one of the first acts the contestants undertake as the game begins.

Mark Schwed's article in the September 6-12 issue of TV Guide adds further details: "After a 15-foot jump into the coean... the marooned castaways swim a half-mile to an island village, where each tribe is allowed to spend 100 balboa (about $100) on supplies. 'It really is like if a ship went down,' Burnett says [sic.]. Members of the Drake tribe buy chickens, beans and rice - and four jugs of wine. But they forget bug spray, which is why their bodies are covered in mosquito bites the next morning. They also forget to buy beach clothes. On one day, Hastie rips the bottom off her dress and offers it to Boneham, a 200-pound mountain man, who wraps it around his waist. 'There's nothing on under his skirt,' says one producer. 'It's kind of sickening.'"
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Cannon pull - Drake wins
The first challenge, heavily featured in previews involves the two tribes pulling cannons, apparently along the usual difficult, obstacle-laden path. Each team seems to have a lit torch as well, indicating at least one stage of the challenge will require firing the cannon (which may or may not be the final stage). As Milkshaky has pointed out on EZ, the first promos for Ep1 (vidcaps below) show a cannon firing, and that cannon has the Drake tribe's blue color-coding.

The September 6-12 TV Guide issue shows a picture of Drake leading, while lugging their cannon across a sandy beach. Similar shots have appeared on TV Guide Channel. While we agree this looks near the end, Morgan somehow manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory here. Extra's preview had a brief clip that shows a seemingly exhausted Morgan tribe on the beach standing around, with Osten staring at the ground and Ryan O. peering into the distance. Nicole, originally in the frame, wanders off. Call us crazy, but this doesn't look like the body language of a tribe that has just won the first immunity challenge. TV Guide channel shows Morgan wandering back to their camp, empty handed (or at least sans immunity idol).

Also, both the first promo and the ET preview featured a human skull impaled on a decorative wrought-iron axe (below). The tribal immunity idol was featured in the S6 promos and previews, and this is the only thing that at first glance looks like a potential Idol. Scanning the camp pictures, this skull appears to take up residence at the Drake camp. Thanks to recent footage from TV Guide channel, this is almost
IC pictures: Click thumbnails above for larger versions. Pictures below are actual size, but feel free to click if you feel it's necessary.

This happy little fellow is the immunity idol.

He's hanging out in the Drake camp, suggesting Drake wins the first immunity.

Tribes who have just won the first IC generally don't stand around, looking down or off into the distance, then wander away from each other.
certainly the case, as Probst is shown unveiling the same idol at the first challenge. Together, all evidence seems to suggest Drake wins immunity in Ep1.
BOOT/ Nicole
Survivornews.net reported descriptions of two consecutive bootees, possibly the first two, several weeks before the cast list was released. The first bootee is reported to be "a youngish athletic woman, about 5'6", with short ash or platinum blonde hair." The second is said to be "a young, tall, skinny guy, who looked younger than the girl, but very unhealthy." Since the above evidence suggests Morgan will be attending the first tribal council (set shown at right), we will focus on that tribe:

Nicole is the closest match to the description of the first bootee. At 51, Lill is too old to be considered "youngish" (at least relative to her tribe), and neither Tijuana nor Darrah have hair that could be considered short and blonde. Nicole's, while hardly platinum blonde, is indeed relatively short, and light-colored. And she resembles the remainder of the physical description. SNN now says this is likely to be the case. We'll go with that.

Ryan S. appears not long for the game himself, both in his desire for McDonald's food and his general emaciated, bug bite-ridden appearance. And he's a perfect match for the male bootee described in the SNN tip. He might be a decent guess for the first boot, but while the SNN tip does not claim to know the exact placement in the boot order for those two bootees, it does appear to be specific that the man comes after the woman. So we'll mark Ryan S. down as the leading Ep2 boot candidate.

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