Ryan Opray
31, Los Gatos, CA
Apprentice electrician

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Date Story Source
September 18, 2003 Newbie EZ poster vic vega 00 pops in with the following:
Ryan O. is our 5th/6th boot
I have UNcorroborated info that ryan o. is a victim of a switching of tribes..pure heresay/speculation.
Whatever......just a rumor floatin around Los Gatos.

vic vega 00 later returns to add (before editing everything out):
"Buddy" says the rumor is Ryan O. gets axed ala Silas and is not to fond of the Drake women. Pure speculation for us to contemplate I guess.

- Survivor Sucks EZ board (posts since deleted)
- Posts archived by Butterfly at Realiiity.com
September 5, 2003 "I think the people that, uh, are gonna complain a lot will probably be the people that'll get voted off the soonest, and they're gonna be a problem. I don't like lazy people, I think other people don't like lazy people, so if you see that, you're gonna kinda…. Or somebody that's not pulling their weight in challenges. I'm gonna bite my tongue, and just kinda (gnaws fist)… grin and bear it, you know? You have to. I mean, it's for a million dollars. It's the opportunity of a lifetime. I've got a 1-in-16 shot at a lottery ticket." - CBS.com pre-game video profile
August 28, 2003 "Born in Redwood City, California, Ryan Opray is currently single and living in Los Gatos, Calif. He works as an apprentice electrician. He previously worked as a traffic signal technician, motorcycle suspension mechanic and warehouse stockperson. He attended West Valley Junior College in Saratoga, California, and then attended Local 332 Joint Apprenticeship Training School in San Jose, Calif. His favorite hobbies include motocross and weight lifting. He describes himself as funny, aggressive and clever. He's most proud of having had many jobs and adapting to each one. He has a 20-year-old cat named Stanley. His hero is motocross icon David Bailey who suffered a career-ending injury but kept his spirits up and continued on with his life. He feels he's up for the challenge of SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because of his strength and ability to build things. His birth date is August 6, 1972." - Official CBS bio
August 28, 2003 Newbie Siii poster Sam Macaroni posts the following, prior to the cast release:
Just found out that a co-worker is related to a contestant on the new survivor series starting in September. His name is Ryan (last name might be Hubbell). He's a 32 year old electrician from northern California. My co-worker said he spent some of the money he earned on the show on a new motorcycle. He's also currently dating a San Francisco 49er cheerleader. Lucky dog!
If the above information is confirmed, I'll try to post updates in the future.
- Realiiity.com Spoilers


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