Osten Taylor
27, Boston, MA
Equities trader

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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
September 5, 2003 "Romance would be great, but you know, the thing about it is, if someone’s down with the brown, then I'm their man, if they’re not, then I’m [bleep] out of luck. I equate it to like having a Twinkie and a Twix. Some people like Twinkies, some people like Twix. I’m that Twix. If you don’t like Twix, and you like that Twinkie, then that’s fine with me. I think my personality is really good. I think I, I can talk to anybody. I mean, I can talk a dog down off a meat wagon, it really doesn’t matter. And I, I’ve got decent style. I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as to say I’m a hunk. I like to work out, it's part of my daily regimen. It’s just like when you get up in the morning and you go brush your teeth, I get up and go brush the teeth, and go work out. It's something I've always done. I take pride in keeping my temple clean. I’ve had some family members in the past that have chosen to poison their temple, and as a result, they’ve died young. I love life and I want to live long, so I'm going to try to keep my temple clean." - CBS.com pre-game video profile
August 28, 2003 Survivor Sucks EZ poster uncenah provides a weight-loss report on Osten (or lack thereof):
"My friend goes to the same gym as Osten. He reports that he recently heard Osten talking to someone about how he really had to get back into shape. However, my friend says Osten is always pretty skinny - and that he definitely did not seem to be dramatically skinnier than he was earlier in the summer."

- Survivor Sucks EZ board
August 28, 2003 "Born in Nashua, New Hampshire, Osten Taylor now lives in the South End of Boston. He is currently employed as an equity trade manager with an investment management company. He previously worked as a salesman, construction worker and waiter. Taylor attended the Thompson School of Applied Science where he received an Associates Degree in Business Management and went on to study resource economics at the University of New Hampshire. His favorite hobbies are boozing with the fellas from UNH & The Braintree Boyz in Bean-Town, fitness training and golfing. He describes himself as outspoken, personable and focused. He is most proud of having worked on Wall Street, which was a childhood goal. His favorite sport is basketball. His father is his hero because he was able to put himself through college and graduate school, graduating Magna Cum Laude, while supporting two kids. He feels he's ready for SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because of his mental stability, patience, wisdom, resourcefulness and God's blessing. His birth date is December 10, 1975." - Official CBS bio
August 26-27, 2003 SurvivorBlows poster diamond reveals the following in a series of posts, all made shortly before the official cast unveiling:
- For future reference...
"A friend of mine (who doesn't watch Survivor, but knows that I do) told me today that a co-worker of her husband's was on Survivor and recently returned having lost a substantial amount of weight. She said he is a black male, but (of course) had forgotten his name."

- RE: For future reference...
"It was something along the lines of him (the contestant) saying that it was an extremely rough, difficult experience. This would seem to imply that he lasted quite a while in the game."

- Name confirmed!
"Just got an email from my friend. It is him, although she spelled his first name 'Ostin'."
- Survivor Blows
August 11, 2003 New EZ poster Carmine Hose pops in with a series of interesting posts:
Re: S7 contestants
- I can confirm that one of the contestants is an African American male named Austin Taylor, since I happened to speak with his parents (both Afircan American ministers) this past weekend. I understand people can doubt the validity of this, but that's my two cents on this topic....
- I didn't get the specifics (it was just a passing conversation), but I know his parents live in New England. He may live somewhere else in the US.
- It could be Osten and not Austin. I just heard his name said and assumed the traditional spelling. NH sounds right for home state and if he lived in Durham, that means he was at UNH
- Survivor Sucks EZ board


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