Nicole Delma
26, Hermosa Beach, CA
Massage therapist

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Date Story Source
September 5, 2003 "In 24 years, I’ve had 30 jobs. Um, and sometimes I think that can be a little embarrassing, when I first tell people, because every, it seems like in every conversation, I say “I used to….” You know, I used to work for Reno Airlines, I used to do this, I used to do that, and, um, when I think about it now, I'm really proud of it. It shows that I can adapt. When I go for interview, I get the job. People are gonna write me off as the girly girl, or the beach girl right away, that's fine with me. Being nude or being naked is not a big deal. You're around these people 24 hours a day, it's just one step further. You know, it's just a couple more pieces of clothing. We’ll see what happens. If you asked any of my friends’ parents, I was the good kid. I pretty much got straight As in high school, I got one B my senior year. I always did everything I was supposed to. I worked, you know, for my own first car, I worked almost all through high school. I had my dad, actually, um, lie my age for me, and I got my first job when I was 12 years old, an I just worked all the way through." - pre-game video profile
August 28, 2003 "Born in Bellevue, Washington, Nicole Delma moved to California after receiving a full academic scholarship to Santa Clara University. She eventually received a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications. She then attended the Santa Monica School of Massage and became a certified massage therapist. Delma is currently single and lives in Hermosa Beach, California, where she is employed as a sports massage therapist/trainer (working with the pro-volleyball tours). She has previously worked as a medical assistant, bartender and media buyer. Her favorite hobbies are racing/running in marathons, training and gourmet cooking. Delma describes herself as strong, resourceful and a risk-taker. Her mother is her hero because she showed her that she could do anything she set her mind on. She feels she'll be useful as a survivor because she grew up in the outdoors and camped, hiked, biked and kayaked her way through the wilderness on islands every summer. She believes she's perfect for this adventure because she is in peak physical condition, young, energetic, certified in sports massage and medically trained. Her birth date is September 19, 1978." - Official CBS bio


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