Michelle Tesauro
22, Pittstown, NJ

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Date Story Source
September 5, 2003 "I am that girl next door. People just wanna think that for me, people think, oh this girl, she's just out here to have fun, play the game. And I am, but I definitely have some tricks up my sleeve. As far as me out in the wild is concerned, I'm not a sissy, I'm kind of, you know, tough. I can deal with it. The quickest way to get me mad is to underestimate me, and people do that a lot because of my appearance. They don't think I can handle things, uh, sometimes I’m not even considered to do things, because of the way I look. And that really makes me mad." - CBS.com pre-game video profile
August 28, 2003 "Originally from Pittstown, New Jersey, Michelle Tesauro is currently single and residing in Washington, D.C. She recently graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in business and marketing. She also participated in a student ambassador program for Pamplin College of Business where she gave speeches to prospective students about the benefits of the attending the school. While in college, she worked as an airport media marketing intern, a lifeguard and, during summers, with the Universal Cheerleaders Association. Her favorite hobbies are gymnastics, stunting and reading. She describes herself as imaginative, clumsy and athletic. She is most proud of participating in the annual Polar Bear Plunge fundraiser where she runs into the freezing Atlantic Ocean every February to raise money for the Special Olympics. Her favorite sport is soccer. She has a pet dog named Reggie and a fish named Rosco. Her parents are her heroes as she feels they teach her how to be a better person. She believes she's ready for SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because her sense of humor helps her to get through difficult situations. Her birth date is January 16, 1981." - Official CBS bio
Spring, 2003 - Made the Dean's List as a senior at Virginia Tech. - Virginia Tech site.
Fall, 2001 - Spent a semester abroad in Switzerland, as part of the Riva Program at Virginia Tech. - Riva site.


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