Lillian Morris
51, Cincinnati, OH
Scout troop leader

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Contestant-related press and rumors
Date Story Source
September 6, 2003 Longtime EZ poster buckeenie17 adds the following confirmation to the stories of Lill's weight loss:
Re: Dealing with the press
"After hearing lots of rumors of Lillian's weight loss , I have a very good source who stated she returned with a 30lb weight loss."

- Survivor Sucks EZ board
September 5, 2003 "I hang with young people, and hanging with young people, they’ll make you young. I'm uh, a pretty basic simple person. Um, you know, nothing real special. A mom, married for 30 years, slept with the same man for 30 years. I love my Cincinnati. Cincinnati, um, is a great place to raise family, we have all kinds of culture. We have, uh, you know, museums, and tall stacks, we have the river there. Uh, we have the best of, uh, you know, Kentucky being right there. My husband works in Kentucky. Uh, you know, the libraries. There's so much culture there, and so much history being there on the river." - pre-game video profile
September 4, 2003 Newbie Blows poster queencityfan posts some weight-loss info on Lillian:
RE: S7 Contestant Lillian Morris
"... Lillian had a definite and noticeable weight loss, 30 to 35 pounds. As she doesn't look all that big in the photos this could be important spoiling evidence."
- Survivor Blows
September 3, 2003 New-ish poster frialdad_una makes the following claim about Lillian:
Two interesting tidbits
I have come across two pieces of information about Survivor. I have a source close to the show who tells me that Lillian Morris was still in the game as late as Day 18, perhaps later.

- spoilers
August 28, 2003 Tri-stater makes new 'Survivor'
"A Boy Scout leader from Warren County is one of the 16 players who will vie for $1 million on the seventh edition of the CBS reality show Survivor: Pearl Islands, debuting Sept. 18. Dressed in a Scout leader's uniform, Lillian Morris, 51, introduced herself in a taped clip on the CBS Early Show this morning by saying, 'I'm the proud Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 617 in Cincinnati, Ohio.'
    The only previous local player on the highly rated reality series has been Rodger Bingham, the Crittenden, Ky., farmer/teacher who finished fifth in the Outback version, which aired in the spring of 2001.
    Morris's troop covers the Kings Mill/Landen area in Warren Country according to Andy Swallow, director of marketing for the Dan Beard Council. 'She's been a good leader and is well known in that area,' Swallow said. 'She welcomes all into her troop and is well loved by the families she works with there.'
    It's not known if Morris was one of nearly 1,000 people who lined up last February at Newport on the Levee for an open casting call. Producers had said they held the rare open audition here as a way to give tri-state residents a chance to make the show. It was seen as a reward for the area, which has been the No. 1-rated Survivor market since Bingham's appearance."
- Rick Bird, reporting for the Cincinnati Post online.
August 28, 2003 "Born in Waterville, Maine, Lillian 'Lill' Morris (or Big Lill to some) currently lives in Loveland, Ohio, which is north of Cincinnati. She has been married for 30 years to Lonnie and has two grown children, Clayton and Megan. She was most recently employed in customer service for an eyeglass company. She holds an Associates Degree in accounting from the University of Cincinnati. Her favorite hobbies include camping, backpacking through the Philmont Scout Reservation in Ohio and canoeing in Ely/Upper Michigan. She describes herself as adventurous, outspoken and daring. She's most proud of being a Boy Scoutmaster for 11 years. She started with seven scouts and, to date, Troop 617 has approximately 78 active young men under her supervision. She is also proud of representing her eyewear company in Thailand with the Gift of Sight Program when she helped distribute 23,000 pairs of glasses to people who were in need. Her favorite sport is baseball. She feels she's ready for this adventure because of her outdoor skills, leadership, patience, ability to be a team player, tolerance, acceptance, positive attitude and resourcefulness. Her primary motive is to experience something different in her life and live the ultimate high adventure experience. Her birth date is April 3, 1952." - Official CBS bio


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