Darrah Johnson
22, Liberty, MS

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Date Story Source
September 5, 2003 "The first time I was ever in the embalming room, this man’s hand started waving, but it was from rigor mortis, and it really freaked me out. I'm from the country, so I’ve pretty much, you know, grown up being out, outdoors, you know, doing activities and stuff. Well, one of my main hobbies is hunting and fishing. And they probably, you know, look at me and they wouldn’t think I’d like to do that, but I mean, I've done it all my life. I am impatient, and I have a real short temper. But um, I’m gonna have to, I mean, it was really bad when I was in high school, but I’ve pretty much grown out of it a little bit, but i still have it. I got it from my daddy, so… but I’ll, I’ll control it in the game." - CBS.com pre-game video profile
September 1, 2003 SurvivorBlows poster bebekid reports a chance encounter with someone who knows Darrah:
I said "Have you seen her since she got back?" He said no. I told him that weight loss could be an indicator as to how far she got. He said he had never seen the show before. He told me that she won a reward and her boyfriend went down there and took her some things. And that the boyfriend seems to think she got pretty far.
- See SurvivorBlows board for full report and discussion
August 30, 2003 Mississippian chosen for 'Survivor' cast
- "Darrah Johnson of Ridgeland, a certified mortician and one-time lifeguard, will be a cast member on the CBS Survivor series starting Sept. 18. The Liberty native, described by friends and relatives as compassionate, will be part of the series that was filmed in the Pearl Islands...."
- "'I had a heart attack when I found out she was going on,' said Johnson's grandmother, Virginia Shaw of the Hebron community near Liberty. Shaw turns 74 today. 'The greatest birthday present I ever got was when I found out she was back home. But we're proud of her. She likes to be a winner. She's always liked to be first at everything, to do her best.'"
- "Shaw said on Friday that her granddaughter is back in the Jackson area studying to be a dental hygienist. Johnson, who grew up in Liberty, also has worked as a fitness trainer and waitress.
She holds an associate of arts degree in mortuary science from the Southwest Mississippi Community College and Holmes Community College of Funeral Services."
- "'I believe she's going to do great on the show,' said Lee R. Dorr, owner of Fitness Depot in Madison, where Johnson worked for about two years before leaving, around mid-June, to compete on Survivor. 'I would describe her as a very versatile utility player,' Dorr said. 'She was a lifeguard here and a counselor for my campers. She was fantastic with the children and extremely dedicated. She did desk clerk work and janitorial maintenance work. Every time we said we needed something done, she'd get it done.' Dorr has seen her toughness first-hand. 'She took a hard shot in the chest during a softball game. It would have knocked me down. It didn't faze her, and the next time she stepped up to bat, she hit a home run.'"
- "Shaw describes her granddaughter as 'my sparring partner. We never agree on anything, especially clothes. We looked for three months to find her a dress for homecoming. One day, I went out in a tornado or hurricane to find her a dress. It was a storm, and people said, I can't believe you'd do that. And I said, "Can you believe who it was for?" And they did. I wouldn't do that for everybody.'"
- Gary Pettus, The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MI)
August 28, 2003 "Darrah Johnson was born and raised in Liberty, Mississippi, and works as a mortician/funeral director. She previously worked as a salesperson, a fitness trainer and a waitress. She holds an Associate of Arts degree in mortuary science from the Southwest Mississippi Community College and Holmes Community College of Funeral Services. Her favorite hobbies include riding four-wheelers, working out and hunting. She describes herself as outspoken, daring and adventurous. She would love to be a coroner. She is most proud of passing her National Board of Funeral Service exam to become a certified mortician and is also proud of winning Most Beautiful at Holmes Community College. Her favorite sports are softball and basketball. Her dad is her hero because he's worked hard for the family and has always been there for her. Her primary motive for participating is for the challenge and the fact that she'd love to meet new people from all over the world with different personalities. She feels she could do well on SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because she considers herself hard working, competitive, athletic, ambitious, determined and in great physical and mental health. Her birth date is May 19, 1981." - Official CBS bio


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