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Pre-show info
Date Story Source
January 16, 2003 - "BOYS AGAINST GIRLS: The decision to turn the upcoming sixth edition of Survivor into a battle-of-the-sexes format apparently led to some interesting group dynamics, according to host Jeff Probst. 'The way they interacted together was very different,' says Probst. 'With the males, you had guys who couldn't help themselves from sort of establishing turf -- you know: "I'm stronger. I'm the leader." Meanwhile, the women just seemed to naturally bond a little better, and how that plays out over the series has a big impact.' Probst also noted that keeping the tribes divided among gender lines served to intensify the sexual tension. 'It just kept building and building and building,' he said. 'And when they (the tribes) did get together or when they would see each other at the challenges, it was like a mixer.'" -The Contra-Costa Times
January 11, 2003 - TV Guide comes early to subscribers, showing initially tribes are split by gender: Men in Tambaqui, women in Jaburu. Consistent with ChillOne's story, men don't look very happy.
- survivorjb2003's thread at EZ. Pictures scanned by Spirit of, posted by linda104.
January 11, 2003 ChillOne's extensive spoiler thread at EZ reveals potential twists, early boot order, and final four:
- Game starts off as men-vs. women (supported by TV Guide article, above). Women win first two ICs.
- Daniel is the first boot, Ryan is second, Joanna third, and "another woman, about 30" fourth.
- Final four are "the deaf girl" (presumably Christy), "Jenna or Jeanne", "a big guy, 26" and "another guy, 50." Deduced boot order: Christy (F4), Butch/Roger, and of the F2, the woman was better liked than the man.
- ChillOne's thread at EZ.
January 10, 2003 - Cast revealed (briefly) on CBS site. Cast shot:
- CBS news web site.
January 9, 2003 - "from what i hear....there's a woman on there that makes jerri look like an angel...and i hear one of the camps...gets hit by lightening(is that how ya spell it)....sounds interesting to me." - "africandi" (Diane from S3) on EZ's LTS board.
January 7, 2003 - Filming occurred near “Encontro das Aguas” (Meeting of the Waters) where the muddy waters of Rio Solimões meet the black waters of Rio Negro to form the mighty Amazon of Brazil.
- The star of Survivor The Amazon may be "A Floresta da Vida" (The Forest of Life) reserve where many scenes were filmed, including the Tribal Council and the final 20 days of the game. It is said that “the most important and the final parts of Survivor” were shot within The Forest of Life, a labyrinth of rivers and tributaries. Contestants lived among alligators, fished for deadly piranhas, visited neighboring native villages and swam in the Rio Negro near the lodge.
(Note: This may imply a merge and camp switch after Day 19, as in past seasons.)

- Wezzie's post on EZ, and
Survivor Maps.

December 12, 2002 - The next edition of... Survivor, from the North American TV network CBS, was filmed in the Amazon. For about three months, a team of 380 people was housed secretly in the Ariaú Hotel, 60 km from Manaus. Filming ended yesterday, and the program should air in the United States in February of next year.
- "Tribal Council," a reproduction of an old building in ruins built in the middle of the forest, was made by Parintins craftsmen.
- The program subjects its participants to physical and logical reasoning challenges. The challenges took place in the Rio Negro National Park, on the river's right bank, one hour by boat from the hotel, in the city of Iranduba.

- Originally in A Critica.
- Posted by Griffe and translated by VolcanicGlass at Survivor Phoenix.

December 8, 2002 - The 34-year old producer from Rio, Luciana Brafman, lived in New York and had never even gone camping in her life. Yet since September, she has been in the Amazonian forest, working to film the show with one hundred Brazilians and 300 foreigners.
- It is known that the production headquarters are located in a large hotel right on the Rio Negro river in the Amazon. The hotel has a capacity of 600 guests and is about a 3 hour boat ride from Manaus.
- Originally in O Globo.
- Posted by Griffe and translated by VolcanicGlass at Survivor Phoenix.

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