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Episode 9
"The Chain"

Filmed Nov. 28-30, 2002
Airs April 10, 2003

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Episode descriptions
It's a scramble to the end to figure out who's next to go, as various tribe members battle it out and face unexpected developments that affect their standings with each other.
Heidi is overcome with pain from a swollen knee, and must be cared for. But does this make her vulnerable?
Matthew is convinced he should throw a Challenge in order to get back under the radar. But is this smart?
A date provides much pleasure and happiness, as well as a new point of view.  
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Spears 'n' blow darts?

Web bullets say "A date provides much pleasure and happiness, as well as a new point of view." Sounds like another exciting awkward "date" (Frank and Brandon, Sean and Paschal, Brian and Clay). Maybe this time a woman will be present, though. It's not obvious which challenge is which, but we think the spear/dart target practice is the RC. Primarily because Rob's clothes at the bug-eating fest match his promo comments about controlling the game. While Rob has probably been saying such things since Day One, he's most likely to say it after the IC in any particular episode. Or at least it fits the mad strategic scramble that the web bullets suggest follows the IC.

As for this challenge, there appear to be two stages: spears and blow darts. We think the spears are probably the elimination round, because (1) we just don't see Rob coming close to winning this challenge (despite his apparent practice session in camp), and we see Rob and Alex standing to the side, with a blow dart whizzing past them. Rob looks pissed, so he's probably already out of contention. That might suggest Butch and Heidi scored the best in the first round, and are facing off for the reward. Butch is a hunter, so it's feasible he'd do well here. Alternatively, Yenvoys at suggested that this might be a redux of the "Choose Your Weapon" challenge from S1, which was tribal, but had various stages done with blowdarts and spears. Also possible.

Finally, several people (including WatchMeNext at VO, JPGramma at SurvivorPhoenix) have pointed out that Matthew has not won a single individual challenge, and thus it's difficult to conceive of Rob counseling him to throw a challenge unless he had already won this one. This seems like solid thinking, although it should be noted that Matthew was already seen as a threat (and threatening) in the previous episode, so he doesn't necessarily need a win here to be seen as a target. But it would indeed make sense for the groundwork for Matt's final four finish to be laid here with either Butch or Christy, off on a reward. Who wins? Don't know, don't care.

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Butch, demonstrating how the kids do it at school, when the teachers' backs are turned.

Wait! Shoot him! I'm too pretty!

Not only does S6 blow, so does Heidi.

Again, not clear this is the IC, but it's better suited to it, since here the contestants' fates are primarily dependent on the strength of their willpower, as opposed to their luck/skill in spear chucking. Plus the web promo presents them in this order. Not sure who wins here, but it sure would throw the camp into a sudden tizzy if easy boot Matthew happened to win here. Although the irony would be delicious if Jenna at least made it to the final round. Who wins? Don't know, don't care.
Immunity challenge pictures: Click thumbnails above for larger versions. Pictures below are actual size, but feel free to click if you feel it's necessary.

Mmm, extra crispy!

Hold up! Anyone wanna say Grace? Anyone?

Good thing nobody from PETA is watching this.

"Spoiling," A Lexicon (for Brad):

Don't you hate it when
Everyone is talking about the bootee,
Even before the show airs?
Needlessly Robbing the show of its mystery and
Awe-inspiring, breathtaking plot twists. Oh, the humanity.

In short, don't know, don't care.
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