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Episode 8
"Sleeping With the Enemy"

Filmed Nov. 25-27, 2002
Airs April 3, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: Matthew fixates on sharpening the machetes and creeps out his tribemates.
As Heidi and Jenna bathe each other, Rob voices his concern that they are using their sexuality to manipulate their fellow Survivors.
One Survivor embarks on a highly strategic relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

The caps below show multiple images of the Survivors sliding around in the mud, wearing red belts around their waists, and seemingly tethered together by ropes. It's unclear how many people are competing together, but with nine contestants left, groups of three seem possible. In support of this, Heidi appears to be loosely attached by the rope connected to her belt to at least three other ropes: two thin red ropes, like the one attached to her belt, which are stretched out ahead of her, and one thick yellow rope, to which the red ropes all connect. Jenna and Matthew have a taut red rope attached to each of their belts, and appear to be pulling something. Presumably, this is simply some sort of tethered race through the mud, pulling a heavy/cumbersome object, in groups of three.

Because this appears to involve three people competing together, it is most likely the RC. Jenna and Matthew have a feather-draped structure behind them (near the finish line?), we'll guess they are among the winners, although this could just be a heat from a larger challenge. It's certainly possible that the three winners of the first heat then go on to compete amongst themselves for an individual reward. But it's also possible (as in previous paired challenges) that all three get to share the reward. And since that's the simpler conclusion, and it recalls the "threesomes" discussion from the previous episode, we'll go with that. Jenna, Matthew and probably Heidi are thus our favorites to win.

Reward challenge pictures: Click thumbnails above for larger versions. Pictures below are actual size, but feel free to click if you feel it's necessary.

Pull! Pull! Fun times for Jenna and Matthew.

This gritted teeth thing seems to be contagious.

So many ropes, so little time. Must try not to topple over. Must try not to topple over....

This looks like the traditional "break stuff to eliminate your enemies" challenge featured on previous versions (plate smashing in S2, bowl smashing in S3, slingshots in S4, etc.). Or it could be another variation on the classic "answer trivia and snuff your friends" challenge (coconut chop in S4, torch snuff in S5). We see Butch gasping (could be at camp, but he's not usually shown at camp, so we'll guess otherwise), along with a mask getting thumped by a log.

As for who wins: If Butch is at a challenge (seems less sunny and muddy than the RC pictures above), and he doesn't look too pleased with developments, we're guessing he doesn't win. That leaves only eight other possibilities. Griffe at SurvivorPhoenix speculates that Matthew's "Welcome to the morgue" soundbite from the promos may come from this challenge. Seems like a feasible suggestion. So Butch and Matthew are out. Other likely targets are physical or strategic threats (Alex, Dave) and "leaders"/"people who piss you off" (Deena, Rob). That leaves Christy, Jenna and Heidi. If there's any thought involved, we'll pick Christy as the winner. Plus, nobody smashes the mask of the deaf girl, right?
Immunity challenge pictures: Pictures below are actual size, but feel free to click if you feel it's necessary.

Contrary to popular rumor, this is not Deena's shrunken head. For one thing, it's too tan.

Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark.

Is this man actually on the show?
BOOT/ Deena Dave
Pride cometh before a fall, especially in Survivor. Deena, Rob and Alex all seemed especially happy with Roger's impending (and actual) departure in the previous episode. The only problem is: with Roger gone, who are they going to get pissed off at?

With Rob, you needn't look far. He hates everyone. Especially Dave, who is not only a slick All-American rocket scientist, but is scoring with Rob's beloved Heidi. Rob made no secret of his plans to oust Dave after Roger. If Matthew or Alex (or Jenna, to Heidi) were to mention this, the Rob Show might be over. No wonder he's pissed about Dave and Heidi shacking up together.

Alex is difficult to gauge, because he's not clearly aligned with anyone. There was the nominal association with nu-Jaburu (that neither Rob nor Deena seemed that convinced about) to oust Roger, and presumably Dave. But after that, it's unclear where Alex falls. If Dave manages to win immunity, Alex's name might come up.

Deena, however, seemed the most pleased, and could be in the most danger, despite her claims that "this game is mine". Rob compared her bulldog personality to that of Roger, and the link fits. Dave and Butch would need three recruits to oust her, but Heidi, Christy, Alex and Matthew might be willing.

And then there's Dave. Named, along with Roger, as one of Rob's post-merge targets back in Ep6. Roger's gone now, so that leaves Dave. He's a strong immunity threat, though, and ought to have wised up (with Roger's boot) that this is now possible. Could there be two obvious boots in a row? We shall see.

Good cases could be made for any of the above. But, barring further revelations, we'll go with Deena. Well, crap. Now we think it's Dave, after all.
And Snewser says this is indeed the case. Screw it. Pick for yourself in the future.  

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