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Episode 5
"Pick-up Sticks"

Filmed Nov. 16-18, 2002.
Airs March 13, 2003.

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's final words,
, RC, 4, 5, IC.
Episode descriptions
CBS: Just when the tribes start to get comfortable, a surprise tempts them with the opportunity of some new dynamics.
Accusations fly at the women's camp when Jeanne secretly overhears a conversation, which leads her to declare a new attitude.
Just as the men become confident that they have mastered their environment, Alex is suddenly hit with an injury.
REWARD CHALLENGE or MERGE/SWITCH - Looks like there's no switch

Option 1: The fake merge. CBS's post-Episode 4 preview had footage of Dave and Jenna on a "date," reminiscent of previous merge-preceding ambassador's meetings (such as Rob and Kathy's in Marquesas). Most likely, this was meant to suggest a merge was imminent, both to the players and the viewing audience. Except it's not. As Wezzie of SurvivorMaps found before the first episode aired, for the final 20 days, the contestants moved to a new camp in the Forest of Life - suggesting a traditional merge and move to a new camp (as in Australia) occurs then. And that's still two episodes beyond this one.

But it doesn't rule out the possibility of another fake merge, as in Thailand. Perhaps the women could shack up in the men's camp for the next two episodes. Clearly, Dave neither gets merged into a single (red-buffed) tribe, nor switched to Jaburu, because we see him the next day in his confessional, talking happily about seeing Jenna shower, and he's still wearing his blue buff on his wrist (see below, also other vidcaps). In support of the fake merge idea, ChillOne's source claimed an early merge occurred. Given the vagueness of the data in general though, that same statement could also be used in support of:

Option 2: A player swap. We're now leaning towards this being the case. BostonGuy on EZ's spoiler board swears that a switch occurs, and that Rob teams up with Heidi and/or Jenna to oust Alex, with Alex departing in either Ep5 or Ep6. Logistically, with 12 people still in the game, swapping players seems much more feasible than having an additional four people trying to cram into one of the two camps' huts. If it's a swap, and Dave and Jenna get to pick the players moving, it would make sense that they have to trade three players each: otherwise, the new arrivals would be easy pickings. See the discussion below for how we think this might turn out. How does this reconcile with ChillOne's early merge "intel"? As others have noted, the locals may have simply seen men and women living together, and concluded that both tribes had merged into one. Snewser's revelation that Jeanne goes, however, argues for no switch, and this is all just window dressing.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ A water challenge - Tambaqui wins
One sequence in the promos shows a split screen with Deena and Dave rowing in separate, color-coded boats. Dave's clothes and buff position do not match previous challenges in which boats have been used, nor arrival, nor does it match his trip to see Jenna (buff on his head here, on his wrist for that trip). So it appears to be novel footage, and both appear to be putting a lot of effort into their rowing. Perhaps some sort of rowing-based race? If so, there must be some puzzle component, since the men would be heavily favored. Unless, of course, there's been a switch. Assuming no RC, due to the "merge," this may be the IC.

Interestingly, there is someone partially obscured in the boat behind Deena, visible only in a couple of frames. This person has dark hair and facial features (eye plus forehead) that look a lot like Matthew's. But we can't rule out that it's simply Jeanne, who could have her hair pulled back in a pony tail. In the first of the rowing shots below, this person's hand is visible above Deena's shoulder. It looks bigger than Deena's. Also, the person in the rear appears to be wearing a yellow buff on his/her left wrist. Jeanne prefers to wear her buff on her head during challenges, and in all the cases we've seen with her buff on her wrist, it has been on her right one, whereas Matthew seems to preferentially use his left one. Together, it seems more likely that Matthew is on Jaburu with Deena. (See also IceCat's excellent Matthew-morphing movie at SurvivorBlows). Unless, of course, it's actually Jeanne. Who knows?

So if Jeanne goes, it's unlikely she switches, so Tambaqui wins IC, and the Barbies plus Deena and Christy oust the remaining person not allied with them.

After his date, Dave is still wearing a blue buff, so he neither merges nor switches.

Which makes sense, since he in a blue boat (with a blue flag), wearing a blue buff, holding a blue-banded oar here. And Deena's in the yellow one. IC?

The big questions here, however, is: Who is that in the boat behind Deena? It looks like Matthew.
BOOT/ Jeanne

Lots of seemingly infallible tips rolling in today, all contradictory. Who goes? Shawna? Alex? Roger? Dave? Nope.

Snewser sez it's Jeanne.

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