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Episode 2

Filmed Nov. 7-9, 2002
Aired February 20, 2003

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Episode descriptions
TV Guide: "A tropical rainstorm soaks the women's camp."
CBS: "The discovery of a 'mystery' granola bar leads to a tense guessing game for the women. Who snuck in the food with them? The accusations fly and threaten to send the tribe over the edge.
"Roger, the men's tribe elder, locks horns with his younger tribemates. While some stew, others lay secret plans to oust the combative Survivor."
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Blindfolded puzzle - Tambaqui loses again

This appears to be a slightly-altered (i.e. "all new!") version of the blindfolded log-stacking challenge from Survivor: Marquesas (Maraamu's first win). This time, the puzzle pieces resemble one-by-eight planks, and have to be retrieved from the bushes, returned to the staging area, then placed flat into slots in a color-coded platform (one blue, one yellow). Judging from the designs on the boards, they probably form a puzzle as well. Christy appears to be the either the caller or a sitting-out cheerleader for Jaburu (more likely the latter). Alex is shown walking with Rob, both blindfolded, in the challenge. The web promo vidcaps also show a blindfold-free Alex (and Matthew) looking pretty disappointed, and Christy jumping for joy (especially in the web promo). This would seem to suggest Tambaqui loses.

On the other hand, there's not much real evidence of that, apart from hints dropped from Jeff Probst, saying that the women's chatting during Ep1, while leaving them shelter-free for the big storm, did allow them to know each others' names. Whereas the men, in an early challenge, were still resorting to "Hey! You in the blue!" Together, looks like a Jaburu win. And since the clothes here do not match any of the three existing challenge shots with seven men, we have even more evidence that Jaburu loses the Ep2 IC, so this must be the RC.

Alex and (behind him) Rob don't seem to be getting adequate direction. Women's yellow stage in back.

Alex, Rob celebrate Whacking Day with Deena and Jeanne. Empty slots for planks below Alex's arm.

Blindfold-free Alex, with CBS helpfully suggesting an interpretation of the shot.

Okay, we have a problem here. The challenge shots above, shown in the new Ep2 preview don't match clothing from any of the challenges we had previous footage of, so only one of the two challenges shown below can be from Ep2. The other comes later, likely Ep3.

Challenge Two: As pointed out by Krautboy at SurvivorBlows, the images below of a dejected-looking Tambaqui from the MTV preview appear to be at a different time than the first IC. Notably, Rob's buff is no longer on his head (as it was in the Ep1 IC), and Matthew's has moved from his wrist to his head. Subtle differences are visible in the other guys' too, such as Roger, who did not have the Survivor logo in front for the Ep1 IC. Notably, Dave appears to be wearing his blue/gray T-shirt, as opposed to the solid blue one he wore in the Ep1 IC. We'll conclude the expressions on Tambaqui's faces suggests they lose this challenge, unless they are just arriving at one, already pissed off.
Challenge Three: Pre-challenge shots from this one were included in the pre-show footage provided by Extra and E! News Live. The men of Tambaqui are shown huddling and cheering prior to a challenge. Based on the general swarthiness of Rob and Alex in these pics, we'll guess this is the Ep3 challenge, and Challenge Two is the Ep2 IC. If so, those must be arrival shots.

Regardless of which it is, since Janet is missing in shots where 14 contestants are left (see Ep3 spoilers), Jaburu must lose this IC. So far, there are no caps that we can clearly attribute to this challenge, however. Griffe at SurvivorPhoenix (and Antithesys at EZ) speculate that an IC Jeff Probst described as involving "fishing for piranha" might occur here, especially in light of TV ad scenes showing the men fishing. We're not so sure those shots are evidence that this is the case, but a fishing challenge is certainly possible. Maybe the Early Show will clear this up.

Challenge Two: From MTV promo, this is not the Ep1 IC. Also, they don't look happy.

Challenge Four?: Griffe at SurvivorPhoenix thinks this may be the piranha-fishing IC Probst mentions.

Challenge Three: The (seven) men cheer and break. Probably from Ep3?
BOOT/ Janet
The ChillOne's spoiler thread on EZ, which appears quite credible on at least some points, states that the men lost both of the first two immunity challenges. He also lists Daniel as the first boot, which is clearly not the case (it was Ryan). As with the Ep1 boot pick, this data seems flawed when held up against vidcap evidence.

First, MTV presented shots of what appear to be seven Jaburu women (sans Janet) marching to a challenge, toward which we also see the seven Tambaqui men hiking. This looks like an Ep3 challenge. There are lots of shots of the women, and Janet is not present in any of them. We also now have images from four separate challenges from Ep2 or beyond at which seven men are present. There is simply no way a man goes this episode. And if Janet is missing on the march to one of those challenges, she's a good bet to be the one that gets the boot this time.

So at this point, we feel it's quite likely Janet is the second boot.

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