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Episode 11
"Sour Grapes"

Filmed Dec. 4-6, 2002
Airs May 1, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: Matthew makes an incredible sacrifice so that others can be given the opportunity of a lifetime. But the newfound respect Matthew enjoys makes Rob rethink his new alliance.
Still stung by Rob's betrayal of the alliance, an enraged Jenna tells the entire tribe about Rob's secret plans, revealing his strategies to everyone. Will Jenna's revelations turn the tribe against Rob?
Feeling ostracized and betrayed, Jenna and Heidi refuse to help out around camp. Will this put the final nails in their coffins?  
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Family visit - Matthew wins

New caps give much more insight into this challenge, effectively ruling out several people as potential winners (at least Butch ad Heidi). The very start appears to be a race to dig paddles out of the sand. Butch and Matt seem to be fumbling over the same one, and Rob is shown waving one around, possibly having retrieved his first. Rob is later shown paddling in a one-person canoe. So in all the caps, Rob seems to be in the lead. Butch is shown standing on the riverbank, standing up, then flinging his arms up in defeat, with Heidi next to him. Heidi is shown crying, in about the same spot. But Matthew is shown in his strongman pose (which he has made when winning other challenges), most importantly, clutching a glass of wine/champagne. This is the type of physical challenge at which Matt should dominate, so it's curious that Rob seems to be doing fairly well.

About the only thing Matthew could logically sacrifice in this episode (apart from another pair of shoes), "so that others can be given the opportunity of a lifetime" is the chance for the family visit. This suggests that, after winning, he might allow others a chance at the prize. Since the title of the episode is "Sour Grapes," this would seem to argue against Jenna or Heidi being the beneficiaries of such a gesture, since the title describes their attitude towards the Coke they didn't win.

So who does get to go, then? Hard to say. One possibility is Christy, who missed out on the food in the last episode: Despite Probst's claim that the RC occurs after Rob and Jenna's argument, they are clearly fighting on Day 32 (the second day of the episode). The clothes Rob and Jenna wear in the RC are shown drying behind them (suggesting it's afterwards, since Rob's shirt looks wet when he's in the canoe). The reward appears to involve a getaway with a loved one, to what looks like a similar site to the coffee bar, except at night. So the Rob-Jenna argument, which either occurs the day after the RC, or later in the same day as the RC, could well take place while the RC winner is away from camp. Butch and Heidi are watching what's going on, but there is no sign of Christy or Matthew. Or, this could simply be after everyone gets back.

Reward challenge pictures: Click thumbnails above for larger pictures. Pictures below are actual size, but feel free to click if you feel it's necessary.

Jenna moves on from using sex as a weapon to... well, you get the picture.

Sour grapes? I got your fermented grapes right here!

Back at camp on Day 32: Rob's green shirt and Jenna's "Rush Zetas" one drying behind her.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Slingshots breaking plates - Heidi wins
This one has been seen many times before. But breaking plates is an effective way to trip up the powerful, so here it is again. People who do best in this game are those who combine skill with an ability not to be targeted. So Jenna and Rob are likely right out, considering the amount of friction each is causing in this episode. And we see Rob's plate being smashed, along with Rob appearing to be standing off to the side.

If it's like the exact same challenge in S2, everyone gets to shoot at once, until their plates are smashed. We see, probably near the start (no plate shards visible), Jenna, Matthew and Butch taking aim at the plates. So it's at least three at once. If everyone does get to shoot, this would suggest the shots with two rows of people visible (Jenna in front of Matt and Butch, Christy in front of Jenna and Rob) might show people already eliminated. If so, Butch and Matt would appear to get smashed first, followed by Jenna and Rob. And if Christy is grimacing in her showdown with the unseen Heidi, perhaps that means Heidi wins. It's the simplest explanation, anyway.
Immunity challenge pictures: Click thumbnails above for larger pictures. Pictures below are actual size, but feel free to click if you feel it's necessary.

Jenna, Matt and Butch take aim at Probst. Or the plates. One of the two.

"Oh, that's okay, winning probably would have sucked, anyway. At least I beat Team Crazy."

Could be pre-challenge, but Rob does not seem to be waiting his turn here (nobody else visible).
BOOT/ Heidi
According to Milkshaky, this is Heidi's boot night. A popular theory, voiced on just about every board (see "Ep11 Boot and TC spec" thread at Survivor Phoenix, for example), is the possibility that Heidi could win immunity, and that the "big surprise" here is that she hands the necklace off to Jenna at Tribal Council. This would certainly fit with the teasers. Something has to keep Jenna in the game until the final two, so this is as good a theory as any for this episode.

Unfortunately, it should be neatly wrapped up there, but there is the possibility that a miscalculation of Heidi's boot date occurred, due to the later insertion of a recap episode into the schedule. Interestingly, Snewser is being extra-cryptic this week, which may be meaningful. If Matt, Butch and Christy don't think they can trust Rob, there's really no downside to booting him ahead of Jenna and Heidi, since they can probably rely on those two to vote against the Mastermind. And Alex did annoint Rob as the "best player" in several of his interviews, which is often the kiss of death. Hmmm. Either way, one goes this week, the other next week.

But for now, we'll go with Heidi.

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