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Episode 10
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Filmed Dec. 1-3, 2002
Airs April 24, 2003

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Episode descriptions
CBS: In a SURVIVOR tradition, the castaways bid on much-desired items of food. But when letters from home are thrown into the auction, emotions run high and a fierce bidding war breaks out, leading some to exuberance and others to tears.
Particularly good news from home makes one Survivor giddy with excitement and leads to a morale boost.
Beaming with power, the alliance of Alex, Rob, Jenna and Heidi take it easy while the others toil in the hopes of saving themselves.
A Survivor promises to vote against a trusted ally, sending the wounded friend into a flutter.  
REWARD CHALLENGE/ Food auction, letters from home - Everyone wins


Reward challenge pictures: Pictures below are actual size, but feel free to click if you feel it's necessary.

"Please, not another episode of this crap. I just can't take it any more."

"But... I feel pretty!"

Alex and Heidi ready their small bills for one of Butch's famous lap dances.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE/ Some lame challenge - Matthew wins
Yawn again. This one must be especially boring if they're showing exciting footage from the food auction instead.
Random non-challenge pictures: Just because we feel like it.

"Well, lookit here, Christy. Looks like Matthew finally went and done it. Better get the shovel."

(still Butch): "Dangit, I'm gonna have to dig the hole extra deep for that blond one, too!"

"Oh so pretty! I feel pretty, and witty, and bright!"
BOOT/ Rob Alex

Jenna tipped Alex off on Rob's relationship with Deena in the last episode. That makes him target number one, if the alliance of four fails to last even three days. Something has to happen, anyway, since Matthew, Christy and Butch all emerge from this episode unscathed. And if any Survivor is going to go into a flutter, it should be Rob. Although, technically, the "wounded" part might suggest Heidi. But we stand by our earlier statement.

It's also possible that Alex goes instead, which wouldn't be unthinkable if Rob thought he was in danger. Once Rob catches wind that he's number four in the pecking order, there's nothing keeping him from renewing his ties with Butch and Matthew, since as far as they know, he's legit. Of course, there's nothing stopping Jenna from filling them in, either, putting the target back on Rob's back.

All in all, we're leaning ever so slightly toward Rob getting the boot this week. Unless we're wrong, in which case it's Alex. And shock of all shocks, we were wrong again. Oh, the humanity! It's Alex.

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