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Pre-show info

Story Source(s)

... Filming began at Ko Tarutao on Monday, June 10, 2002. Filming will continue until July 18. Contestants supposedly visited a local mosque(?), and 27 boats and 200 locals were involved in the filming.

- Bangkok Post

... July 17, 2002. Tanya Vance is flown home immediately, after hearing of her father's death. CBS arranges for her family to meet her mid-way. Two days of filming remain.


... A SurvivorSucks EZ board poster named Kanunu visited Tarutao island shortly after filming, and visited one of the campsites used during filming, at Ao Jak. Among the many things people there told him:
- One of the tribes was named Suk Jai, which translates roughly to "blissful heart."
- The Ao Jak campsite was used for 39 days, indicating it was the merged tribe's camp.
- There was another camp at Ao Russi, at which a rock overhang/cave was used.
- The park rangers described the contestants as very, very skinny, which Kanunu notes must indicate extreme weight loss to be comment-worthy by Thai standards.
- The tribal council structure at Ao Talowao was indeed built out over the water, but has been dismantled.
- Booted contestants were quickly whisked away outside the area.

- Survivor Sucks EZ spoliers
- Tarutao map at SurvivorMaps
- Kanunu's photos at

... An August 13th, 2002 story reveals:
- There will be a female Asian-American contestant, culled from a mere 200 Asian-American applicants
- A FDNY firefighter appears to be among the cast
- The general mood of the production crew was down upon their return, due to: inclement monsoon weather; crew member fired for leaking information; Tanya's father's death; general perception that the interesting people were voted off early.


... CBS will officially unveil the Survivor: Thailand cast on the Early Show on Thursday, August 15th, 2002.
- In the meantime, CBS released a semi-anonymized photo of the cast on 8/13/02. Antithesys, moderator of the Survivor Sucks EZ Spoliers board, found this on the night of 8/14/02:

- TV Guide
- Smaller photo (not shown) at
- Larger photo (shown here) taken from

Castmember info

Contestant Name, info Biographical info Pro/cons for being on S5 Local press
Tanya Vance

27, Kingsport, TN
Children's counselor

- Works with abused children, a point included in her audition tape.
- 1993, Sullivan North High School.
- 1997, East Tenn. State University.
- Suggested to be on the show by her local CBS affiliate, WJHL, on June 11, 2002.
- Further details in a Bristol Herald Courier companion article.

- Bristol Herald Courier
- WJHL (CBS affiliate)
- Kingsport Times-News Online

Not-a-castmember info

Contestant Name, info Biographical info Pro/cons for being on S5 Local press
Carey Schueler

28, Orland Park, IL

- Photo courtesy SurvivorBlows

- Confirmed by on June 11, 2002.
- Her father, White Sox executive Ron Schueler (among others) strongly asserted she was not "in Thailand".
- Seemingly credible tip to TDT asserts "no contestant named Carey."
- Could be the female contestant removed prior to filming (SNN story).

- Officially confirmed not on the show, 8/14/02, again by SNN.

- Chicago Tribune
- Chicago Sun-Times
- CBS2 Chicago

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