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Episode 6
"The Power of One"
Filmed June 25-27, 2002.
Airs October 24, 2002.
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- CBS video: Ep6 Promo
- Ep5 videos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
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Episode descriptions:
- TV Guide: " Tempers flare during a reward challenge in which the prize is a Thai Feast. Also, one tribe becomes concerned about a teammate after the person exhibits bizarre behavior."
- CBS: "Members of a secret alliance suspect that others are on to them. Two tribe members get into a heated argument over truthfulness."

Reward challenge: Takraw catching for a Thai feast - Sook-Jai wins.

The challenge itself involves flinging takraw balls (right) from a slingshot-type launcher, and catching them in cesta-like baskets on poles. Despite SEG's alleged rethinking of challenges involving player contact, there appears to be a fair amount of it going on between Ted and Robb. Will they never learn? Leaning towards a Sook-Jai win, based on the appearance that all of the shots in the Sook-Jai shots in the previews seem to be from the same day.

First, there's Ken's argument with Robb, apparently about trust. Both are dressed similarly to the way they were at the Ep5 TC, except Ken now has his NYPD cap on. Next, shots of Robb and Ted at the RC show Robb in the same clothes as when arguing with Ken. The preview also includes shots of Sook-Jai marching in the dark. As has been speculated on several boards, such as Chaos28's suggestion in this thread at EZ, this could be Sook-Jai returning to camp after their feast. Since the RC is clearly in the daytime, it would be hard to imagine them returning from a loss in the dark. So they must have stuck around afterward. In this shot, Ken is wearing his cap, and has his buff on his wrist - dressed identically to his argument scene with Robb, and differently from the Ep5 TC. Jake and Shii Ann also appear to be wearing different clothes from the Ep5 TC. Also, the shot of Ted shaking his head has him back at camp, in the same (dirty) clothes as he wears in the RC. All consistent with a Sook-Jai RC win, which also fits with the Snickers winners visiting Sook-Jai camp on Day 16.

Pre-RC? Robb and Ken argue over something.

Helen and Penny launch colored balls into the air.

Ted and Robb, fighting to catch a purple ball.

A sandy, sweaty (and hungry) Ted shakes his head in disbelief back at camp. Post-RC?

The Sook-Jais marching. Ken is dressed the same as in his argument with Robb. Ken, Jake and Shii Ann are all dressed differently than Ep5 TC.

Ken and Robb embrace, circa the time of Robb's tears. Ken dressed the same as at left, has buff on his wrist. Last two shots look like post-feast.

Immunity challenge speculation - Chuay-Gahn wins.

Simply because we need to complete Ghandia's smoking club, and both the future members are on Sook-Jai. So much for Robb's smack talk in Ep5's tribal council.

Boot - Shii Ann. err, Robb

Once again, our feeble attempt at logic was found sorely lacking, but luckily, the real answer is available before showtime. Read for the method. But the answer is: Robb gets the boot. Please ignore our previous, incorrect, crappy prediction below.

Top candidates would appear to be Shii Ann and Robb. The episode title ("The Power of One") would appear to refer to a former outcast (Shii Ann, Robb, or perhaps even Jan) saving their own skin, or at least attempting to do so. Robb seems to exhibit "bizarre behavior," even for him, in his argument with Ken in the previews, and in his tears after the tribe returns from their reward feast. He's now Despondent Robb, and is about to become Rooted-For Robb.

Robb - logic says this is his week to go. If they wait another week, they run the risk of his winning individual immunity after individual immunity. On the other hand, despite the tantrums, he seems pretty loyal. At the very least, he has no detectable desire to join Chuay-Gahn. As such, he may work his way back in, because he makes an ideal human shield for Ken, post-merge.

Shii Ann - having been played up as the boot in the previous episode, it may finally be her time. As she admitted in a confessional, she hates her tribe, and would have loved to switch. This, despite Jake's paternal propping-up, is not one of the qualities you want in the fifth person in your alliance, post-merge. In fact, Jake seems like her only solid support. The image of the moon in the previews is interesting. Jake and Ken end up on different sides of it, perhaps symbolizing a struggle for power within Sook-Jai. As Griffe points out at Survivor Phoenix, Ken and Erin slept on the beach with Robb in the previous episode. If Ken can recruit Penny to ally with him, Robb and Erin, that would make a 4-2 majority, and Shii Ann will be gone.


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