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Episode 4
"Gender Bender"
Filmed June 19-21, 2002.
Airs October 10, 2002.
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CBS description:
- Lingering tensions and accusations spill over, pitting the men against the women.
- One castaway hopes never to see another castaway again... forever.

Episode description:
- TV Guide: "
One tribe begins to divide itself along gender lines and a fourth contestant is voted off the island."

- CBS video: Promo

Reward? challenge: Hauling dummys - Sook-Jai win.

The post-Ep3 preview showed the tribes collecting tree mail, along with undecorated dummies. The web promo (link above) shows the now-decorated dummies being carried in a challenge. Everyone is in different clothes, suggesting the decorating took a full day. Oddly, there appear to be only five people competing for each tribe: Sook-Jai has Robb and Jake in front, Stephanie, Ken and Penny in the back. Chuay-Gahn sports Helen on the head, Ted and Brian on the arms, and Ghandia and Clay on the legs. Helen and Jake are each shown falling down. Given the length of preparation time, this could be the immunity challenge. There also appears to be an inordinate number of shots of people whittling/ carving small pieces of wood. This may just be what these balls of energy do for fun, or it may be involved in the challenge preparation in some way.

Whatever happens, the episode description at SurvivorFever reports that this RC will be for food. Apparently, the producers took Robb's confessional whining about turkey to heart. Could it be chickens? We sure hope so, and if so, the Sookers get them.

The challenge begins. Newly-decorated dummys await their fun-filled trip around the island.

Sook-Jai carries their dummy at the start of the challenge. That's Robb on the left, to avoid confusion.

Chuay-Gahn, carrying their jack-o-dummy in an unnecessarily reversed image.


Immunity challenge - Sook-Jai win.

Random shots of props from as-yet-unseen challenges. They may never show up, but they're all we have at the moment, since we have shots of only one challenge. Could be anything, but seeing as Sook-Jai will lose their numbers advantage if they throw this one, we think they'll actually give it a go. Chuay-Gahn is a different matter, and may be sufficiently fractured as to not even mount a serious opposition. Either way, Chuay-Gahn should probably lose.

Takraw balls (originally posted by Diamond at EZ and SurvivorPhoenix). That's a lot of rattan to paint for no reason. Should be used pre-merge.

This guy is painting the (orange) base of a harp/swan-shaped structure. Not part of any Ep1-Ep3 challenge. Obviously for a pre-merge challenge.

Long-range shot of the same guy as before (ignoring the yellow 2x2s in the foreground).

Boot - Ghandia

If the episode title were the only guide, you might conclude that one of the women working in a male-dominated field (Stephanie or Helen) would be the bootee. Given Stephanie's alliance with Jed and Robb, she would therefore be the leading candidate for expulsion.

On the other hand, the web preview shows a scene in which Shii Ann and Stephanie seem to be fighting over the cooking, and Stephanie is later shown, head in hands. A voice-over (Penny?) says "she just hates us." On the surface, this would appear to refer to Stephanie. But it could well apply to Shii Ann, who is clearly in it for herself, and has already openly clashed with Robb, and implicated Stephanie in her comments at TC. The "Shii Ann on fire" image doesn't seem to help.

But Ghandia can't be overlooked. The National Enquirer article detailing her fight with Ted, which was otherwise shockingly accurate, indicated "days passed" between the initial event and Ghandia's boot. Given that a boot in Ep4 would make it five days, where Ep5 would make it eight, this episode sounds like a better fit. So long, GDiva!

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