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Episode 2
"The Great Divide"
Filmed June 13-15, 2002.
Airs September 26, 2002.
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Reward challenge: Palanquin carry/ bag collecting - Sook-Jai win?

CBS promos show have given glimpses of what appear to be preparation for and attendance to at least one challenge beyond Episode 1. The clothes Erin and Penny are wearing (Penny in particular), do not appear to be from the first three days. They could either be listening to tree mail, or to challenge instructions on site. Previews on the TV Guide channel were recorded by Snewser at and Diamond at Survivor Phoenix. From their vidcaps, red and purple palanquins are visible. A preview on the Early Show 9/16 showed this same vehicle being built. The TV Guide Channel voice-over describes this scene as the filming of a reward challenge. Which is good, because the immunity idol-looking statue is just a prop. New commercials (9/21) show the race itself involving team-colored bags. As Diamond points out at Survivor Phoenix, Penny seems to be pulling hers off a white string. Collecting bags makes sense, because there are none in Penny's palanquin when the race starts. The shot of Penny with the bag appears to be mid-course: no CGs in the background. She has a bag in hand and at least three at her feet. Could Sook Jai be winning? From this, it's hard to tell, but Jake has just run into a pole. Not much evidence of a win, but hey, why not?

Pics Diamond and Snewser captured from TV Guide Channel. Voice-over says this is an RC.

The RC starts (that's still not the idol). Sook-Jai's strongest woman (Stephanie) appears to be sitting out, for unknown reasons.

Penny prepares to take the bag, as Jake crashes into a pole (with orange fabric draped over it). Oops! There are three-plus bags at Penny's feet.

Immunity challenge: Flower race - Chuay-Gahn win?

TV Guide Channel's Susan Hawk-hosted preview shows this challenge apparently involves something to do with tribe-specific flowers in the water. Snewser pointed out that additional objects are floating in the water beyond the flowers pictured here. Snewser also points out that Jeff Probst has an immunity idol-type object on the crate in front of him, when apparently explaining challenge rules. Luckily, the intro shots in Ep1 seem to pretty much tell us who wins. Jed and Stephanie are each shown towing something in their teeth. Jed doesn't appear to have much stubble yet, and since this is an activity unlikely to occur at camp, we'll suggest that Snewser's "other objects" are what Jed is pulling. The "flowers" seem to have empty spots that could accept extra "petals". It appears this is a race to complete the flowers.

Could it be too much to ask that CBS even appears to tell us who wins? Ghandia is shown, sopping wet, crying again at what looks like the challenge site. Meanwhile, Robb, also wet and more stubbly than in Ep1, appears to be cheering wildly (as only Robb can do). Looks like a return trip to tribal council for Chuay-Gahn. Unless this is a swimming-based challenge outcome from a future episode, which it probably is. Even so, Robb is giving a "we won" cheer. If Sook Jai does not win the Ep2 IC, he must be present at a future challenge. Either way, he's safe. Come to think of it (after seeing the picture of Shii Ann at tribal council), Chuay-Gahn do have two excellent female swimmers in Helen and Jan. Maybe they're not so overmatched.

Snewser points out that other objects appear to be in the water some distance from the flowers.

The layout of the flower challenge. Tribes swim to respective flowers, then retrieve missing pieces?

As Snewser points out here, that's an immunity idol in front of Probst. This is ep2 IC.

In a generous move by CBS, the thing Jed is towing in the intro (as is Stephanie) looks a lot like the "other objects" Snewser pointed out.

Ghandia's intro shot looks to be in the same water challenge spot. Those don't look like tears of joy. Is this the same challenge? Eh, maybe not.

Robb, with roughly 1-week stubble (for him), cheering wildly at a water challenge. Even if it's not the Ep2 IC, Robb is safe for Ep2.

Boot speculation - Stephanie?

We're predicating this pick on Ghandia's apparent lingering hostility towards Ted and Clay (see Ep3 Boot spec). That means, since Ghandia seems like the next Chuay-Gahn target, and Chuay-Gahn may lose yet another immunity challenge, we have to entertain other possibilities. Robb is safe, and so is Ghandia, probably. That leaves:

Tanya. If anything, she seems to be matching Jessie Camacho wretch for wretch, at least through Ep1. It's convenient that she's the youngest on an old tribe, and doesn't seem to fit in well. But if she's endangering her health, then a mercy boot is not out of the question.

Shii Ann . There's no question she's also on the hot seat. She was miserable in Ep1, and fought with Robb (to whose aid, not hers, Ken rushed). While Robb is aligning himself with the workers, Shii Ann is shown in the previews sitting by the fire with a sleeping Jed, as Ken and Jake walk by, carrying wood. And Paratrooper has unearthed footage of Shii Ann at what appears to be Tribal Council - wearing an expression that says "Thanks for that vote, guys." Not looking good. Ah, but Sook-Jai are the Great Tribe Divided, so...

Stephanie. One of the rumored Loser Lodge attendees. She sits out the physically demanding Palanquin carry, leaving two women with much less upper body strength (Erin and Shii Ann) to compete in her place. One of Paratrooper's images shows her with a bandage on her wrist. Her prime benefit to the tribe is her strength, and if that's lacking, she's dispensable. She is shown in the intro competing in the flower challenge, however. Probably safe for now, unless there is a tie vote. Then it's up for grabs, so to speak.

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