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Episode 10
"While the Cats Are Away"

Filmed July 7-9, 2002.
Airs November 21, 2002.
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Episode description:
- TV Guide: "One contestant wins a trip to the mainland and offends a friend by choosing someone else as a traveling companion."
- CBS: "After being shocked by the vote at Tribal Council, one Survivor begins questioning a former ally as a secret plot is revealed. Two tribemates return from a surprise trek away from camp with full stomachs and a suspicious gift. Meanwhile, one tribe member preys on the fears of another in an attempt to gain votes and become the Sole Survivor."

Reward challenge: Obstacle course for an elephant ride - Ted wins (and brings Clay)?

Having taken their balls through an obstacle course last week, the Survivorsget a chance to roll their whole bodies through one this time. We can figure out the winner by working backward: Ted is the most likely to make a dumb strategic decision of bringing a friend, and it sure looks like him on the elephant. Besides, pain before a reward challenge (Ted moping about his three votes) is always alleviated. The elephant pictures are intentionally blurry, but it sure looks like little Clay with his light floppy hat riding behind someone big, like Ted. But it could be just about anyone.

The challenge itself involves at least two parts. An early part appears to be a balance-oriented race (scenes of Jan slipping on the green boards). This structure is seen in the background of the shot of Brian, Clay, Penny and Ted diving under the bamboo obstacle course. That part has slots for only four people, suggesting the first four finishers in the first part advance (using the logic of the two previous challenges). Early shots of this part show Ted and Clay with small leads, so it's not inconceivable Ted could win. Or Clay. Or Penny. Or Brian. Screw it, we give up.

Arrival at the RC. Ted in his dark blue shirt and bright red shorts. Only Clay has a hat this time.

Start of another obstacle course. Whee! Note the balance area appears to be in the background.

Clay and Ted appear to take an early lead.

According to the voice-over, balance is apparently a part of this challenge, too. Jan stumbling.

The big guy in front has to be Ted, and it sure looks like little Clay and his hat are riding behind.

A Closer Look. No wait, that's the re-crap episode. Again, that appears to be Clay's hat.

Immunity challenge: Torch snuffing trivia?

The web promo features shots from the start and middle of the IC. The challenge itself appears to be a combination of the successful coconut-dropping challenge from Marquesas and the usual "Fallen Comrades" challenge. In this version, there's even less symbolism for the contestants to think through, since they are directly snuffing each other's torches. There appear to be three torches per player, and to make it more obvious which are whose, they stand behind them. Part of the challenge appears to involve answering questions, perhaps, as Griffe at Survivor Phoenix suggests, about the player holding the snuffer (Jan is holding up a card with the number "29" on it, while Penny is wandering around snuffing torches). It's unclear if the person gets to pick one wrong torch to snuff, or gets to extinguish one for every person answering incorrectly.

What's interesting is an extraneous reaction shot of Jan. Jan is this week's honorary Macauley Culkin stand-in, apparently reacting to either being last, or having someone wander over to snuff her last torch. In theory, Jan ought to do well in this, since she's presumably got the smallest target on her back. Brian will probably do the worst, since he was unable to even remember Shii Ann's name, and will be gunned for by the Sook-Jais.

Arrival at the IC. Jan is again wearing her ubiquitous overalls. Clay arrives in the immunity necklace.

Penny marches out to snuff a torch.

Jan auditions for "Home Alone with Granny."

Boot - Penny.

Snewser is strongly hinting in the boot thread that Penny takes the walk this week. So the methodical elimination of Sook Jai likely continues. Does this make sense? Yes... some clues:

(1) Penny and Ken's screen time seemed to ebb and flow in tandem throughout this series. In episodes where Penny was invisible, so was Ken. And when Ken was front-and-center, so was Penny (apart from Ken's boot episode, where Penny disappeared). Their stars will come crashing to the ground together, as well.
(2) Penny is also strongly featured in the web promo, and is a more logical boot than Jake, who has more in common with the Chuay-Gahns, and is seemingly less threatening. Penny finishing in the finals of this week's reward challenge won't help.
(3) This fits the National Enquirer's claim that Penny returned a mere 10 lbs lighter: she'll have time to gain some weight back in the Jury Lodge.

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